Notes from Paradise
The Beauty of Smith Voices Together The Beauty of Smith Voices Together
Twelve Smith faculty, students and staff have created a renga poem that reflects life during COVID-19. A renga is a form of poetry where each stanza is written by a different poet. Floyd Cheung, vice president for equity and inclusion, saw it as a fun and meaningful way to make sense of life in the midst of the pandemic.
Smith College Holds First-Ever Virtual Reunion Smith Professors Creatively Adapt Teaching Methods Earth Day Turns 50. Are We Any Closer to Saving the Earth?
Smith College Holds First-Ever Virtual Reunion Smith Professors Creatively Adapt Teaching Methods Earth Day Turns 50. Are We Any Closer to Saving the Earth?
For the first time ever, Smith College will hold a virtual Reunion May 22–24 for classes celebrating their reunions this year. Still in the planning stages, the program will tentatively include a greeting from President Kathleen McCartney, remarks from a member of the class of 2020, lectures and other intellectual content from Smith faculty and staff, and class Zoom get-togethers. The virtual Reunion will be free of charge. Dance professor Rodger Blum couldn’t imagine how he would go about teaching his classes remotely, but somehow, with a little ingenuity and some technical assistance, he has made it work. “It’s not ideal,” Blum admits, “but we’re doing better than just making it work. There's still good teaching and learning going on.” Learn the many ways Blum and other faculty members are adapting their classes to engage students effectively. Fifty years ago, for the first Earth Day on April 22, 1970, Smith students wrote to their parents saying how scared they were of the upcoming destruction of the Earth and urged their families to act now to save the world. Camille Washington-Ottombre, associate professor of environmental science and policy, reflects on what Smith and other higher education institutions have done to promote durable sustainability and to address Smithies’ legitimate fears.
Smith College’s Response to the Pandemic
In her most recent message to the Smith community, President Kathleen McCartney outlined plans being considered for securing the college's academic program and financial health in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. For more, check the college's COVID-19 response site, which includes letters to the community, campus quick facts, digital support resources and frequently asked questions.
Global Impressions Looks at the Field of Translation
This issue of Global Impressions, a journal by Smith students, features interviews with nine accomplished translators, highlighting the complexity of their work as they confront linguistic and cultural conundrums that demand solutions. Contributors to this issue include students in the translation studies concentration capstone seminar and Five College faculty translators.
The Challenge of Playing Gloria Steinem ’56 in ‘Mrs. America’
Mrs. America, the new FX on Hulu mini-series that premiered April 15, tells the story of the Equal Rights Amendment from two perspectives: the feminists who were spearheading the movement and the amendment's most fervent detractors. Playing Gloria Steinem ’56, the so-called face of second-wave feminism, Australian actress Rose Byrne faced a major challenge: How could she bring a new, but honest, perspective to such an icon?
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MS. MAGAZINE BLOG: Prof. Carrie Baker: The stories behind 12 reproductive rights cases
TEEN KIDS NEWS: Prof. Jen Malkowski: An army of fact checkers to battle fake news
MSN: Prof. Andrew Zimbalist: Sports in a post-pandemic world
MS. MAGAZINE BLOG: Isabel Fields ’21: The secondary gender wage gap
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