Notes from Paradise
A Virtual Celebration: Reunion 2020 A Virtual Celebration: Reunion 2020
Last weekend, 17 classes from the years ending with zeros and fives celebrated Smith's first-ever virtual Reunion weekend. From online faculty lectures to a video parade and a performance by former Smithereens in honor of their 75th anniversary, the celebration brought beloved traditions to life in new ways.
A Conversation with Eco-Socialist Artist Zheng Bo Isabelle Hodge ’20: Making the Most of Design Thinking COVID-19 Co-Parenting: What You Need to Know
A Conversation with Eco-Socialist Artist Zheng Bo Isabelle Hodge ’20: Making the Most of Design Thinking COVID-19 Co-Parenting: What You Need to Know
Zheng Bo, a self-described “eco-socialist conceptual artist,” talks to Yao Wu, Jane Chace Carroll Curator of Asian Art, about his work. Bo has created award-winning installations¬† highlighting the impact of climate change. Here he discusses his art, activism and his unique vision of what he calls “our inter-species relations” with the world. As a student, Isabelle Hodge ’20, a sociology and computer science major, was heavily involved with Smith’s Design Thinking Initiative—both as a visual design partner and peer mentor for the program—helping classmates learn more about design thinking resources at Smith. "Design thinking is a great way to collaborate with other people," she says. Marsha Kline Pruett, associate dean for academic affairs at the Smith College School for Social Work, and Michael Saini, associate professor of social work at Toronto University, discuss how parents can work together—whether they are living in the same household or apart—to keep children safe and promote healthy development in a time of great uncertainty.
Fall Semester Planning Underway
In a message to the Smith community earlier this week, President Kathleen McCartney acknowledged that groups of faculty and staff are engaged in academic scenario planning for the upcoming fall semester, with a decision about the college’s plans expected in early July. The hope, she noted, is for an in-person semester; however, several approaches are being considered. “In all of our planning, we are ever mindful of the need to protect the health and safety of our community,” McCartney wrote.
All About the STRIDE Program
Through Smith’s Student Research in Departments (STRIDE) program, high-achieving students are teamed up with Smith faculty to work as paid research assistants during their first two years at Smith. “I always know that when I get Smith STRIDE students, I get Smith’s best students,” says philosophy professor Jay Garfield.
Join the New Virtual Alumnae Book Club

Smith is launching a virtual Alumnae Book Club on June 1. It's a fun way to meet other alums while reading exceptional books about strong female characters, personal growth, leadership and more. Plus, you can connect with fellow alums for career advice or just socialize and engage in some great conversation. Best of all, you can participate from anywhere in the world when it is convenient for you. We'll kick off the club with Dare to Lead, by Brené Brown, a guide to leading change with courage and heart.

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