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Smith Team is Finalist in CoVent-19 Ventilator Challenge Smith Team is Finalist in CoVent-19 Ventilator Challenge
The SmithVent Team—made up of Smith engineering alumnae, along with several staff and a current student—was one of seven finalists among more than 200 entries in the CoVent-19 Ventilator Challenge. And what better way to celebrate than with a Zoom gathering?
Deborah Archer ’93: Focus On Racial Justice Navigating a Job Search in an Age of Social Distancing Groundswell’s Innovative Approach to Community Solar
Deborah Archer ’93: Focus On Racial Justice Navigating a Job Search in an Age of Social Distancing Groundswell’s Innovative Approach to Community Solar
Attorney and scholar Deborah Archer ’93 has used the law to combat racial injustice. Today, she continues the fight while teaching others to carry the torch. In this Smith Alumnae Quarterly profile, she says, “My students and other young folks I interact with do feel overwhelmed by injustice. I try to convey to them that it’s all about a cycle.” Looking for work and networking opportunities in this age of social distancing? Dealing with a job search is bad enough, but how do you manage it in the midst of a global pandemic? In this webinar, sponsored by the Office of Alumnae Relations, career coach Emily Kikue Frank ’93 has some tips and resources to help you get the position you want, even in these stressful times.   The idea of community solar is admirable, but most Americans can’t access solar energy directly. Emily Robichaux ’05, director of project finance and product development at Groundswell, explains how the nonprofit, based in Washington, D.C., is developing¬† community solar projects for low- and moderate-income households.
Inclusion in Action: A Year Later
Last year’s Day of Learning, held on April 10, led to initiatives designed to make Smith more equitable and welcoming, including the revival of the college’s Inclusion Council and creation of action teams to address areas of need. The Office of Equity and Inclusion shares updates on the Inclusion in Action initiative and what's next.
Rachel Willis ’04: ‘Being Colorblind Misses the Mark’
In "An Open Letter to Your White Best Friend," featured on Medium, Rachel Willis ’04 writes, "'Best friend, I want you to know that I’m Black because you’ve probably spent some time with your eyes closed so that you couldn’t see my color. Someone probably told you that being colorblind was the goal but actually it misses the mark. If you can’t see color, you can’t see one of my biggest sources of pride and one of my biggest sources of pain."
Co-Parenting in the Time of COVID-19
Marsha Kline Pruett, associate dean for academic affairs at the Smith College School for Social Work, and Michael Saini, associate professor of social work at Toronto University, discuss how parents can work together—whether they are living in the same household or apart—to keep children safe and promote healthy development in a time of great uncertainty.
Selected items from the news media featuring Smith College people and programs
STAT: Prof. Annaliese Beery: Females are still routinely left out of biomedical research—and that matters
MEDIUM: ELEMENTAL: Prof. Lauren Duncan: The elements of anger
OPEN BOOK: Prof. Andrew Zimbalist: ‘Open Book’ with NPR’s Scott Simon
MS. ONLINE: Prof. Carrie Baker: Lies and hypocrisy around the abortion pill
MEDIUM: Marcela Rodrigues-Sherley ’20: On the death of George Floyd
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