Reunion Student Workers are a vital part of making Commencement and Reunion weekends successful. The work can be demanding but it is also meaningful and fun. During your free time, we encourage you to take advantage of the wide variety of activities taking place throughout the two weekends. However, please remember that your work commitments are your first priority. Alumnae, fellow Reunion Student Workers, and staff members need your help to ensure that each weekend runs smoothly.

Working for Reunion is a rare opportunity for students to witness and honor Smith alumnae and traditions. You are invited to apply to work during this very special time. Compensation is paid for hours worked, and includes meals and housing.


  • Able to remain on campus until approximately the end of the second Reunion weekend
  • Able to work full time (at least 35 hours per week)
  • Free of all other commitments during this time (i.e. PUSH, Ushers, Theater, Glee Club, a cappella, athletics, etc.)
  • Able to attend Reunion Training in April, weekday evening TBD.
  • Have a W-4 and I-9 form on file with Payroll or Student Financial Services

Graduating seniors are not eligible to apply

Job Descriptions and Important Information

  • Housekeeping
  • Dining Services/Catering
  • Facilities
  • Alumnae Relations
  • Housing
  • Meals
  • Important Dates

**If you miss 2 consecutive scheduled work shifts, you will lose your job and your on-campus housing.**

Selection Criteria

Each applicant will be notified of the association’s decision by e-mail in early March. The application process is competitive and previous experience in similar positions is always helpful.


You may wear clothes you do not mind getting dirty, e.g. jeans, sweatpants/shirts, shorts, t-shirts, closed-toe shoes.

Duties include, but are not limited to, cleaning furniture and floors; vacuuming; cleaning bathrooms and equipment; dusting; changing linens/making beds; etc. Note: Quality cleaning is detailed work and you will be held to strict standards.

The hours for Housekeeping include an unpaid hour break for lunch and two paid 15-minute breaks during the day scheduled by your Work Coordinator. Each Work Coordinator will turn in a daily attendance sheet, which will include the actual hours worked during that day.

Housekeeping is mandatory May 9 – 11, May 16 – 18, and May 22

Dining Services

You must wear a white top, black slacks or skirt, and dark, closed-toe, work shoes for all Dining Services shifts.

Breakfast Worker                   Sets up and replenishes buffet, washes dishes

Check-In Assistant                   Helps collect meal tickets/check-in

Dishwasher                                Washes and puts away china/silver/glassware

Kitchen Worker                        Preps and cleans kitchen

Runner                                          Replenishes buffet

Pantry Worker                         Assists Dining Room; assistant with dish washing

Ticket Assistant                         Sells tickets for purchasing beverages

Server                                             Serves food at events


Shuttle Driver: Provides transportation to alumnae, guests, and Reunion staff around campus. Must be SGA Van Certified. (Reunion Student Worker t-shirt and casual pants/shorts).

Alumnae Relations

Career Outreach Assistant: Assists with Career Workshops.

*On-Call Worker: For this job shift, you will come to the Alumnae House and go wherever another Reunion Student Worker is needed. You will need to be flexible and prepared to do a variety of jobs. If more alumnae show up for a meal than are expected, or another Reunion Student Worker calls out, or the Registration Tent is swamped, you will be asked to report wherever you are needed and save the day! And just like a true superhero, you will need to bring clothes that will work in lots of places. Got your white top and black skirt or pants? Are your shoes closed-toed? Do you look professional and awesome? (Bring or wear appropriate clothes in case you are needed for a Dining Services shift)

*You will be required to sign-in at your designated location as “On-Call”.

Registration Assistant: Assists the Office of Alumnae Relations with alumnae check-in.

Ribbons and Bags: Distributes parade ribbons to alumnae at the Alumnae Parade line up. (Reunion shirt and casual pants/shorts).

Ribbon Inventory: Takes inventory of all ribbons on hand following Reunion II parade. Packages and stores unused ribbons in the Alumnae House.

Smith Travel Program Assistant: Provides assistance to the Smith Travel Program by passing out brochures, collecting information, and other tasks as assigned.

Spot Jobs

Brass Polisher: Assists with preparing the Brass Standards for the parade.

Conference Center Assistant: Assists with many of the evening events at the Conference Center. Must be outgoing and willing to interact with faculty and event guests. Reunion Student Workers will be greeting guests, helping supervise and set-up Reunion dinners, and performing other tasks as assigned.

Graduation Chair Wiper/Chair Removal: Setup and/or remove chairs for Commencement.

Outreach Assistant Ribbons: Assists the Office of Alumnae Relations with ribbons for both parades.

Reference Room Monitor: Monitors Neilson Library Reference Room.

Student Usher: Assists with parades and other tasks as assigned.

Theater Usher: Greets guests, assist with coats, wraps, bags and umbrellas, if necessary. Directs alumnae and guests to appropriate seating and locations.

**Parade Assistant Banner Carrier: Assists assigned class during both Reunion weekends. Additional job and shift information will be provided during Mandatory Parade Training.

**Parade Assistant 1776 Brass Standards: 1776ers are alumnae non-Reunion year Reunion attendees who choose to march as the last group. Additional job and shift information will be provided during Mandatory Parade Training.

**Parade Assistant: Helps with the Alumnae Parade by carrying signs, pushing wheelchairs, assisting specific classes, seating alumnae, passing out programs, etc. You must wear all white with black shoes. You should wear either a top and pants/skirt or a dress. No shorts.) If you have a parade shift, you must attend the mandatory training each week.

**Remember to wear ALL WHITE CLOTHING with BLACK SHOES**