Welcome to the Smith Class of 1953 website

Greetings Class of 1953!

Trust everyone is able to stay cool and enjoy the summer!  For the 30+ who came to Reunion May 24 – 27, 2018, it was a bittersweet time.  Although a small group, we had opportunities to get to know new classmates as well as spend time with old friends.

We want to say a special thank you to Judy Hill Kittredge and her co-triumvirate members, Lynne Stein Leavitt and Jid Whitney Sprague.  They were ably assisted by Betsy Jones Hayes and Myrna Brody Butler.   Betsy took charge of costumes; Myrna helped with headquarters, including shopping at Costco so reunion attendees would not starve between meals. 

Betsy, Myrna and I worked with our three undergraduate assistants who most agreeably followed our directions.  They were:  April Cheever, Iris Iafantchao, and Maggie Szlosek.  They were very attentive to our classmates needs.  They also very competently staffed headquarters for us.

Class members took advantage of the workshops, lectures and symposiums put on by the college.  At Friday dinner we had the pleasure of a reading of the final scene of a play written by our playwright Ruth Wolfe Bloom.   More about that in the upcoming newsletter.

The following individuals volunteered and then were elected at an informal class meeting following Saturday lunch:

Jane Cowen Pafford – phone:  413-532-2426; email:  jcpaf@comcast.net
Elizabeth (Betsy) Jones Hayes – phone: 413-567-3326; email: betsyhayes@gmail.com

Judy Lager Raymo – phone:  212-734-4256; email:  judithraymo@msn.com

Jane Cowen Pafford

Planned Giving Chair:
Barbara Stevens Weeks – phone:  413-256-0758

Fund Raising and Acknowledgement Writing Committee:
(chaired by Jane Cown Pafford)

            Blossom Willinger Miller                  Others who offered to help as can:    

            Myrna Brody Butler                           Mary Ribble Bugel      Joan Alice Wood Kimball

            Susan Marcy Leland                           Judy Hill Kittredge

Memorial Chair:
Joan DuBois Haigh has had to resign.  Joan has done a great job and we will miss her.  We wish her the very best.  We are working on someone to fill this position.  If you want to Volunteer, please let Betsy or me know!  Or if you have a recommendation, do the same!

All of the officers agreed to carry on for the next year or two.  Given our ages, we think that’s all we can or should ask.  Betsy and I are grateful we found this many classmates!

Note:  We did not elect Reunion Chairs because from now on we are guests of the college.  The Office of Alumnae Relations with the help of student assistants will do most of the work.  Judy Hill Kittredge and Betsy Jones Hayes ordered enough hats, bags and scarves for this reunion and the next!  The college decides housing, meals, headquarters location, and all the other details.  Those of us who are local and able will help as needed – most particularly with the setup of headquarters.  We have good pictures from Betsy and Francoise Denis, Judy Feldbaum Grynfogel’s companion from Toulouse, France.  These can be used as a “map” for the next headquarters.

Coming soon will be more details about this reunion, our fund raising success and our memorial donations.

Jane and Betsy