55th Reunion

Once again, it rained on Ivy Day, a Class of ’68 tradition! But, happily, we were able to participate in outdoor Ivy Day festivities before the rains came.

Led by the “Festival Band” we marched into the Quad, where we heard a wonderful speech from Kathy McCartney and marveled at the many members of the Class of ’23 receiving honors. We were stunned to learn that 63 members of the graduating class were elected to Phi Beta Kappa.

And, on Ivy Day, we announced our spectacular class fundraising results: a 5-year gift to Smith of $5.2 million with 72% average participation for this five-year period– both the highest of any class at this year’s reunion. It was also announced that the Class of ’68 has reached or exceeded 68% participation for each and every year since our 30th reunion — an amazing all-time achievement of any class at Smith.  And we fully funded our new Class of ’68 Scholarship with a gift of $1.5 million from 121 ’68ers. This endowed scholarship will produce enough income to pay full tuition, room, and board for one Smith student each year into the future.   Finally, we announced that gifts were made in memory of each of our 75 deceased classmates, something that we have done for each of the last fifteen years. We are so proud of these results and thank you all for your faithful support of Smith.

This reunion again had an excellent class representation, with 68 people signed up to attend (of whom 6 were unable to attend). Our Class programs included discussions about engagement in our communities and a lovely memorial celebration for the class members who are no longer with us. The program from the Memorial Service can be found here. Mostly, though, we chatted, laughed, renewed friendships, and shared memories. Coffee and dessert served back at our headquarters after dinner on Friday night (in Chase House’s many living rooms) gave us a chance to catch up.

The campus, even in the rain, was lovely as always, and the “new” library is absolutely stunning. The numerous attractive study areas might make studying actually palatable, or encourage snoozing!

It is hard to believe that reunion is over, but for many of us the memories will live on. The Class of 1968 is legendary.

Photos from our 55th Reunion, contributed by many of those attending, can be found here.

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