In Memoriam

The classmates below were listed in the Smith Alumnae Quarterly. If you are aware of other classmates who have passed please send a note to

Bryna Akana (2001)

Kimberly Anderson (2021)

Mary Arel (2006)

Maureen Brock AC (1998)

Rosemary Casey Toumbas (2015)

Padma Challa (2021)

Faranak Fatemi Moir (2002)

Susan Fay (2010)

Mary Gillilan McGovern AC (2001)

Kellie Kirschmann Stone (2005)

Claudia Laffranchi (2012)

Mary Price (2012)

Sandra Vanden (2013)

Amy Van Voast Raimo (2018)

Lynn Walters (1994)

Beth Warren (2006)