Reunion 2017


Class of 2002 15th Reunion schedule. Click to open/download as a PDF.

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Full Reunion II schedule


Reunion 2017 Committee:

  • 15th Reunion Co-Chairs: Sarah Clifthorne and Monica VanBuskirk
  • Headquarters Chairs: Rachel Sperling and Anna Campbell
    Our class headquarters serves as our communal gathering place for our reunion weekend. It’s a place to find information, refreshments, messages, and class displays. Do you prefer having the festivities come to you? Sign up to make a space where everyone loves to gather.  Your responsibilities including planning and setting up headquarters, recruiting classmates to staff headquarters during key times throughout the weekend, and helping on Sunday to dismantle (and box up some of our class materials for the college to store for us until 2022!).
  • Alumnae Parade Co-Chairs: Maile Shoul and Rebecca Poretsky
    Our Parade chairs are our source of information about all things alumnae parade. They’ll share the parade route and marching plan with us at our Friday night class dinner. They’ll help us show up in our white attire, pin our red sashes, and make sure we have parade signs. Share your ideas with them for fabulous parade signs!
  • Programming Chair: vacant
    Love non-stop action? You won’t be able to help yourself and will have activity ideas you want to plan anyway, may as well make it your job! Coordinate with Reunion Co-Chairs to plan programming for the weekend to supplement class meals and programming planned by the college. If the Reunion Committee chooses a Reunion theme, effectively draw on our Reunion theme. (Our class’ previous reunion themes: “Top Ten” at our 10th, “Smith in Bloom” at our 5th, “Smith in the City” at our 2nd.)
  • Class Meals Chair: Angela Myers Rackleff & Norell Liddell
    Already an expert at dreaming up menus for diverse groups? Put that talent to work and sign up here. Class Meals Chair works with Reunion Co-Chairs to select our Friday and Saturday class meals, including menus, speakers, and entertainment. Handles all program details, including decorations, centerpieces, and audiovisual material.
  • House Reps Chair: Danielle Hussey
    Recruit a class member from each house to act as the house rep. Coordinate the efforts of house reps and serve as a single contact to the Office of Alumnae Relations.

House Reps:
You love being up to date on everyone and connecting friends. Use that natural relationship building for your alma mater. Get in touch with senior housemates through email, phone and mail to build enthusiasm for Reunion (the college will provide classmates’ contact information). Share the benefits and fun of coming back to campus and make plans to connect. Since House Reps know the schedule more clearly for Reunion, sometimes they also like to coordinate an event for their housemates that doesn’t conflict with class meals or programming.

  • Albright – Anna Campbell
  • Baldwin
  • Capen – Meredith Barrett
  • Chapin
  • Chase-Duckett – Allison Otto
  • Comstock – Erica Mecler Caron
  • Cushing – Katie Reed Dennis
  • Cutter – Emma Mulvaney-Stanak
  • Emerson – Dena Domenicali-Rochelle
  • Friedman Apts
  • Gardiner
  • Gillett
  • Haven/Wesley
  • Hopkins
  • Hubbard
  • Jordan – Julia Racklin
  • King
  • Lamont
  • Lawrence
  • Morris
  • Morrow – Danielle Hussey
  • Northrop – Ilene Boucher
  • Park
  • Parsons
  • King
  • Scales
  • Sessions
  • Talbot
  • Tenney
  • Tyler
  • Washburn
  • Wilder – Norell Liddell
  • Wilson – Katrina Cokeng
  • Ziskind