GENERAL UPDATE: 1 January 2021

A message from Class President Judy Lei:

Hello everyone,

The word is out. We’re having our 10 Year Reunion online

When that news was shared with class volunteers, my heart sunk. I’ve been looking forward to our 10 year reunion since the 5 year reunion in 2016. I saw 10 years as a huge milestone for us because after a decade away from Smith, we are getting closer and closer to what we want in and out of life. It truly would have been amazing to see everyone in the flesh: to catch up, to laugh (and maybe cry) together, and to forge connections we didn’t get to make while we were students at Smith. Or just being back on campus brings another level of nostalgia, and having it virtually just isn’t the same.

On the flip side, having a reunion online has its perks, the biggest being that more people can join when they otherwise couldn’t have. Although we’ll be separated by a screen, we’ll be just as connected. While it’s not quite the 10 year reunion we (or at least I) imagined, in the end, it is for the best since COVID-19 has not been stabilized yet.

So what can we look forward to? We’ve built quite a team so far, and the team is growing. Right now, we are still actively recruiting for House Reps to round out the Reunion Team. What do I have to do as a House Rep?, you ask. It’s simple: you rally all the 2011 grads from your house to attend reunion; and if you want, you can also organize a mini reunion for your house, too. It’s that simple. See the reunion planning page to find out which houses are still without a rep and how you can help out.

We will work with the college to plan a robust virtual reunion. Once we have a solid game plan down, we’ll share details on programming and how you can register for the reunion (crossing fingers for it to be in the next e-newsletter update).

In the meantime, please follow our class’ Facebook/Instagram: @SmithCollege2011Alum. You’ll hear more from us on a regular basis there.