Carol Xia

Position: Class Secretary

Hometown: Houston, TX

Smith House: Haven

Major(s): Economics      Intended Minor: East Asian Studies

Life Goal: Be in the obituary of The Economist.

JK. Realistically speaking, I just want to live I life I won’t regret 50 years from now.

But really, being in the obituary of The Economist would be so COOL.

Interests: Business. Sleeping. Asian dramas. Listening to music (mainly classical and K-Pop).

Favorite Book(s): James Patterson books! I also really like Little Woman and the Anne of Green Gable Series.

Favorite Musician(s): Dong Bang Shin Ki. And 90’s/early 2000’s K-Pop artists.

Favorite TV shows/Movie(s): NCIS and JAG. Friends is really good too. (The 90’s and the early 2000’s were the good years *sigh*)