Dues Info

Please print this Dues Coupon

As a new year begins, we ask you to help get us off to a financially secure start! It’s the only way we can plan for the various expenses we know will arise as we put together a program for the next nine months. These include mailing costs, honoraria for visiting speakers, Smith book awards, subsidizing luncheon costs and, this year especially, expenses related to our upcoming visit from the Smith College Glee Club. We must also remember our annual contribution to the Scholarship Fund. This year, in addition, we are hoping to produce an updated Club Directory to replace your outdated 2005-2006 edition.

As you must know, our dues, compared to most other organizations, are exceedingly modest – just $20.00. We keep our luncheon costs to a minimum – where else can you get a three-course luncheon for $25.00 or less?

If there is a “P” marked on your mailing label, you have already paid your dues, and we thank you! If you have not yet paid, please use the coupon below to send your dues. Thanks very much!

Please send 2011-2012 annual dues and coupon to treasurer Ellen Davies, P.O. Box 1267, Brewster, MA 02631. Many thanks!