Welcome to the Smith College Club of the Palm Beaches

During the years 1958 to 1964 a small group of Smith Alumnae met for informal luncheons at a local restaurant. Soon they wrote and phoned other area alumnae to enlarge the group. They were officially recognized by the Alumnae Association in June 1965 and were known as the Smith College Group of Palm Beach. In 1968 the group was officially named the Smith College Club of the Palm Beaches. Bylaws were revised and area enlarged to include Boca Raton on the south and Stuart-St. Lucie on the north. There are approximately 250 alumnae in the area including year around Florida residents and some who spend some winter months here. The number of active members varies each year.

The club objectives are to offer intellectual pursuits for our members and guests, create friendships among alumnae and former Smith students, promote the college to local high school students, raise money for the Smith Fund, encourage individual donations to the college and increase members’ awareness of Smith’s new programs, goals and achievements.

Programs and Services 

Student raising. We promote Smith to local students who are considering attending a prestigious college out of state, attend college fairs, and handle requests for interviews of prospective students. The club supports the Smith Fund with an annual contribution.


Dues for 2019-2020 will be $25. The dues form will appear near the end of each newsletter beginning with the first issue in the fall.


Please contact Beth Nelkin at bnelkin@worlddesign.com.

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