Welcome to the SAMBA website

Smith Alumnae with MBAs (SAMBA) is an alumnae group for Smith College graduates who have MBAs, or those alumnae who have an interest in business school and the diverse career paths that follow it. The group will create networking and discussion opportunities for its members and serve as an informational resource for Smith alumnae and students. Currently, SAMBA is coordinated by a Steering Committee.

SAMBA Survey
How can we help you?  What would you like to learn from the members of SAMBA?  What can you teach us?  Are there issues you’d like to discuss?  Would you like to connect with local Smithies?  How about with women in your industry?  Or grad school?  This survey is just a starting point.

If you’ve got an idea for the group and want to get it started, feel free to contact SmithSAMBAinfo@gmail.com.

Click here to take the survey.