Annual Meeting June 2010

June  29, 2010

Inspiring Annual Meeting!

The annual meeting of the Smith College Club of Southeastern Connecticut, on June 19, 2010, was exceptional in several ways.  Of the almost 40 respondents, one-third were current students or recent graduates.  It was an incredibly beautiful day to gather in the garden of an Old Lyme alumna’s home.  AND, our speaker was Sue Frost ’77, whose new musical, “Memphis,” had just won four Tony Awards:  Best Musical, Best Book of a Musical, Best Orchestration, and Best Original Score.

She enthralled all of us with her “how I got here from Smith” tale, carefully crafted and humorously delivered.  She noted her patterns of risks and having made lots of connections that proved valuable beyond any expectations.  She concluded tongue-in-cheek that Smith College might not think her message of “no plans, great connections, and willingness to ask/risk” was the best career advice for students and recent graduates.  Great laughter and applause were the enthusiastic response.  We are so grateful that geography and “free” weekends made her available for us.

Kathleen O’Beirne ’59 (Interim President)