Favorite Places: Capen Garden

Capen Garden, named after former Smith chemistry department chair Bessie Capen, is undoubtedly one of Smith’s treasures. Also dubbed the “Secret Garden,” this enchanting spot is designed as a series of outdoor garden rooms.

Alumnae such as Kirsten Emmerson Ragatz ’89 and Barb Curran ’89 note that they loved the hidden feeling of the garden. Says Curran, “It was often deserted, so I could feel a million miles away from everyone in minutes.” Elizabeth Zacharias Owens ’01 agrees: “Most students did not know about it. It was peaceful and absolutely gorgeous, especially in the spring. We used to yell congratulations to the just-married couples in the gazebo. During spring reading period, we turned it into our own private paradise, complete with margaritas, daiquiris, and a slip ’n slide.”

Did you enjoy this special place on campus? Step in and remember, or witness for the first time the fairytale splendor of Smith’s “Secret Garden.”

Jane Falla, assistant editor, alumnae communications
Photos: Megan Gallagher, web assistant

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