Glimmers of Gladness

Anne Kubitsky ’05 creates a unique art project with a focus on gratitude

by Jane Falla

An increasing number of scientific studies suggest being grateful isn’t just a good thing, it’s also good for you. That’s something that Anne Kubitsky ’05 can attest to, thanks to her Look for the Good community art project, started in the fall of 2011.Anne Kibitsky
Kubitsky asked people to send in postcards offering ideas about what they are grateful for—what she calls “glimmers of gladness.” To date, she has received hundreds of postcards from around the world. The cards are featured on the websites Look for the Good Project and Find Good Now, and Kubitsky has since turned the collection into a traveling exhibit. The collection was also the impetus for her self-published book Opening to Good: A Story about the Ocean, Grace, and Gratitude.
As a writer and illustrator with a background in biological sciences and philosophy, Kubitsky’s original inspiration came from a whale rescue, which she depicted in her picture book Graycie’s Catch.
Kubitsky says the Look for the Good project was actually conceived during an impromptu trip to Smith. She notes, “Smithies were some of my very first participants!”
Look for the Good postacrdAs she noted in a February 2012 article for the Shoreline Times, “In this economy, with the environment degrading and protests raging—why not give people a chance to pause and reflect on something that makes them grateful?”
And many people are grateful to do just that, as evidenced by the host of postcards Kubitsky has received that share inspiring words, pictures, and stories. She has also created videos to feature the notes. Also, a short write-up appears in the Summer 2012 Quarterly “Smith Women Create” section.
One thing we can all be grateful for: This project is ongoing, and there seems to be no limit to finding things that cause us to be thankful.

Jane Falla is assistant editor