Confidence can get you everywhere, and Susan Ford Collins ’62, president of the company Technology of Success and author of The Joy of Success, focuses on two key principles.

life_hacks_confidenceLOOK FOR SMALL, DAILY SUCCESSES. Taking a concrete step forward on a big project, meeting a tough deadline or even just finding a creative way to get your kids to eat their vegetables all count. Even quitting—stepping away from a toxic friend, saying “no” to one more responsibility on the volunteer group you’ve joined—can be counted as a victory if it’s in service of larger goals.

ACKNOWLEDGE YOUR SUCCESSES. Record successes in a notebook or a notes app on your phone. “On bad days, these ‘success files’ will remind you of the steps you have taken in the right direction,” Collins says. “They’ll help make sure that instead of being ‘other confident’—dependent on other people’s buy-in and praise—that you become ‘self-confident’ in a way that allows you to live your dreams and do the things that your gut tells you that you want to do.”


SAQ, Fall 2016