life_hacks_veggiesDevin Alexander ’93 is the author of eight cookbooks, including The Biggest Loser Cookbook, a New York Times best-seller. She offers advice on making better choices with your diet—and with yourself.

FILL UP ON VEGETABLES. Start with salad-worthy greens and colorful veggies (ones not smothered in cheese or dressing), which will fill you up faster and more healthfully than that unlimited breadbasket.

REMEMBER THE MANY CONSEQUENCES OF ALCOHOL. Getting a little tipsy on wine or cocktails doesn’t just add empty calories; it can lead you to make bad choices with food, too. Imbibe modestly.

CUT YOURSELF SOME SLACK. Alexander knows that many people are hard on themselves when they make food choices they later regret. She says a more measured approach can help. She advises keeping a photo of yourself as a young child on the lock screen of your smartphone, and looking at it every time you’re tempted to denigrate yourself after your best-laid plans—food or otherwise—go awry. “You wouldn’t tell a 3-year-old that you hate them and that they’re a terrible person,” she says. “Don’t do that to yourself, either.”


SAQ, Fall 2016