Designate a Communications Coordinator

Designate someone in your class, club or group to coordinate communications. Ideally, that person should have web-related experience and be familiar with social media.

Use Consistent Messaging

Ensure that there is consistent messaging, themes and information between your printed newsletters and documents, website and social media sites.

Collect Emails

Collect email addresses. The more email addresses Smith has, the more effective your communications will be. Send updated addresses to the college at

Encourage Updated Information

Encourage alumnae to keep their information current in the Alumnae Directory, as this is the resource for email and home addresses used by clubs, affinity groups and classes. Alumnae can log in to the Alumnae Directory to update their own contact information and stay connected with friends, classmates and other alumnae.

Post News & Events on AASC Calendar

Post your alumnae event on the AASC calendar. See what Smith events are happening around the world. Contact the AASC at to post your alumnae event.

Keep Your Website Fresh

Create a vibrant and robust website that shares news and information about your class, club, group and the college. Update your website regularly with member profiles, class/club/group news, news from Smith, event announcements or audio and video. Many classes use their websites effectively during the year leading up to Reunion, sharing lists of who is registered, plans for the weekend and requests for volunteers.

Use Social Media

Send your website and social media links to the OAR so we can feature it on our own site. Include a link to your website or social media page in all correspondence. This is a great way to alert alumnae to important news and to drive traffic to your own class, club or group website.

Maintain News

Whenever appropriate, collect your news in an email message and send it to classmates or club or group members. Draw news and information from Smith’s various news outlets to share with classmates and club or group members: