There are a variety of ways in which classes, clubs and groups can share their Smith-related news and communications. Be sure to use your class website and local Smith club for your communications. The OAR assists with the following communications methods.

Broadcast Emails

We Can Send Emails For You

The OAR can send broadcast emails on behalf of your class, club or group. Contact

Email Standards

Emails must adhere to our established standards, and cannot contain offensive or libelous content. Email messages must refrain from editorializing or making judgments about Smith College or AASC programs or policies. The content of emails must be related to Smith College or alumnae business or events. External links in emails must direct to appropriate websites.


The OAR offers a free template-based system for classes, clubs and groups that is easy to use and maintain. This system is built on the WordPress publishing platform. All pages share a common look and feel and the maintainer just needs to add text and images to create or update any of the pages. Websites are listed in classes, clubs and the affinity and special interest groups directory.

Social Media

Consider using social media outlets such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to increase your group’s visibility.