Smith clubs and groups are automatically covered by the college’s general liability policy. However, organizations may be asked by a vendor (such as a hotel) to provide evidence of insurance to comply with a specific contract. In this case, a certificate of insurance can be issued on the organization’s behalf. These requests may be sent to

Please supply the following: organization name, contact person, description of event, date, time and location.

Smith College’s Liability Policy

Smith College’s general liability policy covers each Smith organization for amounts it may be legally obligated to pay as compensation to an injured party for bodily injury, personal injury, property damage or advertising injury.

There is no coverage for taxes, fines, civil or criminal penalties, cost of compliance for non-monetary awards or any other uninsurable matter.

An individual alumna is covered under the college’s general liability policy “while acting within the scope of her duties or while acting at the direction of or performing services for or on behalf of that Included Entity (Smith College).”

There is no territorial restriction in this policy and coverage is worldwide. There is also no exclusion of coverage for a claim brought because of an accident resulting from alcohol being served at an event. The AASC does, however, have clear guidelines around the service of alcohol at a club event.

Accidents and Claims

Any demand in writing is considered a claim by our underwriters (it does not have to be a suit). Any claim, regardless of cause of loss, should be immediately telephoned and sent to the Five College Risk Management Office (see address below) and to the AASC. A copy of the claim should also be sent to the treasurer or CFO of the college.

Auto Accidents

The college has extended its auto policies so that organizations have non-owned auto coverage. This provides coverage over members’ personal auto policies.

Additional Coverage or Claims

Smith clubs with specific questions regarding policy exclusions or claims, please contact:
Beth Carmichael, Risk Manager
Five College Risk Management Office
c/o Mount Holyoke College
111 Central Services, South Hadley, MA 01075
fax 413-538-2127

Statement of Liquor Liability

The Drug Free Schools and Communities Act of 1989 (PL 101-226) requires that all institutions of higher education adopt and implement a program to prevent the unlawful possession, use and distribution of illicit drugs and alcohol by members of the Smith community as a condition of receiving funds or any other form of financial assistance under any federal program.

Although the general risk insurance coverage provided through the college’s policies to class, club and affinity group events includes host liquor liability coverage, please note that criminal malfeasance is not covered—serving liquors to minors (under age 21 in Massachusetts) is a criminal offense.

On-Campus Service

College Dining Services holds the liquor license for Smith College. Under Massachusetts State Liquor Laws, Dining Services is the only entity on campus that is licensed to sell alcohol. Alcohol may only be provided as part of an event involving Dining Services. Under no circumstances may a group planning a function provide their own liquor. Dining Services is required to provide servers that are trained in serving liquor and are familiar with Massachusetts Liquor Regulations.

Off-Campus Service

Organizations serving alcohol at an event must be in compliance with all state regulations concerning the service and consumption of liquor. When working with caterers, ensure that they are properly licensed to serve alcohol.

General Statement on Serving Liquor

The liability in Massachusetts for a person or organization serving alcohol to someone who is intoxicated and has an accident, injuring themselves or others, is enormous. In Massachusetts, the place/institution/person who last served liquor to that individual is liable. On campus, Dining Services personnel refuse to serve alcohol to anyone they deem intoxicated. Please be aware of the liquor laws in your community when serving alcohol at an event. Be careful in all situations where alcohol is present.