Notes from Paradise
Program Supports Displaced Students From Puerto Rico
Under a new visiting student program, students from the University of Puerto Rico displaced by Hurricane Maria can apply now to Smith for the spring 2018 semester. Accepted applicants will receive tuition, room and board, as well as a stipend to cover books and personal expenses.
Calculus Training Groups Help Students Persist in STEM It’s National Philanthropy Day! Make Smith Your Cause Visiting Artist Adriane Herman ’88 Makes Art Out of Letting Go
Students who are interested in STEM studies but need some brushing up on their math skills are getting help from their peers through calculus training groups. Physics professor Gary Felder, who leads a teaching circle on math readiness at the Sherrerd Center for Teaching and Learning, says the groups will help ensure student success across the sciences at Smith. Today is National Philanthropy Day and the start of Smith’s day-of-giving campaign, "Smithies Give!" In just 24 hours, The Smith Fund aims to raise $1 million from at least 2,000 alumnae, parents, students, faculty and staff. Your gift, of any size, provides critical support to students and our academic mission. Make Smith your cause and give today! The process of recycling is a consistent theme in the art of Adriane Herman ’88. When Herman, a professor at Maine College of Art, was recently on campus, she led a "Witnessed Release of Objects" project in which she documented students, staff and faculty letting go of personal objects they no longer wanted.
Erin O’Shea ’88 Keynotes Biochemistry 60th Anniversary Celebration
Erin O’Shea ’88, president of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and a 2017 Smith honorary degree recipient, will discuss “Timekeeping with a Three-Protein Circadian Clock” at¬†4:30 p.m., Monday, Nov. 27, in Ford Hall. Her talk is the keynote address for a celebration of the biochemistry major’s 60th anniversary, which also features a lunch roundtable with alumnae scientists and a¬†presentation by Lauren Metskas ’08, a Yale postdoctoral fellow at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge, UK.
Global Impressions Looks at Immigration
The latest edition of Global Impressions focuses on immigration. Contributors include Patience Kayira ’20, who is originally from Malawi but has lived in the United States and Canada for the past 15 years. She writes, "I am foreign because of my parents’ strange English or thick accents. Yet, that thickness and strangeness remains [unknown] to me."
Reflecting on a Valuable Smith Lesson
When J. Autumn Needles ’89 was a student at Smith, she used to make long lists of things to do and took great pride in accomplishing everything on them. Flash forward nearly 30 years and to-do lists are still important, but, as Needles writes in her essay "Make Time for Apples," she no longer sweats the small stuff.
Selected items from the news media featuring Smith College people and programs
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