Notes from Paradise
Monique King-Viehland ’99 Heads Housing Agency
Monique King-Viehland ’99 is the new executive director of the Community Development Commission and Housing Authority of the County of Los Angeles—the first woman and first African American to head the agency. She oversees 580 employees and a budget of more than $457 million.
ALL 4 ONE: Join Smith’s New Giving Quest in March Keya Koul ’96 Advocates for Workplace Diversity Every Picture Tells a Story: Global Impressions
This month, participate in All 4 One, The Smith Fund's effort to increase alumnae giving by 4 percentage points. All 4 One is not about dollars and cents. It’s about coming together to become one of the most engaged groups of alumnae donors in the world. Why should you give? Because there’s power in numbers, and the alumnae giving participation rate directly affects Smith’s national rankings. Keya Koul ’96 is a strong advocate for diversity and inclusion as an integral part of job recruiting. At the 2018 Smith College Women of Color Conference: Persistence, Possibilities & the Power of Our Voices, being held on campus April 13–15, Koul will lead the workshop “Diversity and Recruiting in the Corporate World.” Here she shares her thoughts on the status of workplace inclusivity today. Global Impressions, a journal by Smith students "in and for the world," features nonfiction, reflective essays on a variety of travel experiences and encounters. In the latest issue, students write about their memories of a time, place, or a particular event as evoked by a photograph they took. Every image displayed in this issue tells a story, not always an obvious one but certainly one that is true.
Were You Changed by ‘A Wrinkle in Time’?
Did Madeleine L’Engle’s A Wrinkle in Time give you a role model for how strong and brave a young girl could be? Did it change your thoughts about literature or science fiction or how sophisticated a book for young readers could be? As part of a tribute to L’Engle (Madeleine Camp Franklin ’41), who would be 100 years old this year, the Smith Alumnae Quarterly will look at how her signature novel has influenced generations of readers, writers and teachers. Send responses of 150 words or less to by April 1.  
Favorite Poem Project Needs Your Help
Be a part of the closing event of the Smith College Poetry Center’s 20th anniversary celebration by reading your favorite poem in front of an audience on April 24. Submit your favorite poem to the Poetry Center’s Favorite Poem Project by March 30 for consideration. It should not be your work but rather a poem written by someone else that inspires you. Faculty, students, staff, alumnae and members of the Northampton community are welcome to submit a poem. Submissions will be reviewed by Poetry Center faculty and students.
Selected items from the news media featuring Smith College people and programs
NEWSWEEK: Prof. Mary Harrington: Why you’re fatigued, even with enough sleep
CONNECTING POINT: Prof. Lauren Duncan: Political activism and the #MeToo Movement
NEW YORK TIMES : President Emerita Ruth Simmons: Cultivating the next generation of college students
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