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Meet the Newest Sherrerd Teaching Prize Winners
The 2019 recipients of the Kathleeen Compton Sherrerd ’54 and John F. Sherrerd Prizes for Distinguished Teaching are (l to r): Randi Garcia, assistant professor of psychology and statistical and data sciences; Judith Keyler-Mayer, senior lecturer in German studies; and Kiki Smith ’71, professor of theatre.
Why Gloria Steinem ’56 is ‘World’s Most Famous Feminist’ Pioneering Photographer’s Collection at Smith Kendra Bonde ’19 Fell in Love with China at Smith
Gloria Steinem ’56 is featured in the National Geographic book In Praise of Difficult Women by Karen Karbo, who writes, "Known as the World’s Most Famous Feminist, Gloria has been pushing the women’s lib rock uphill for 55 years. She shows no signs of putting her feet up and getting caught up on her binge-watching." Photographer Joan E. Biren, who has documented lesbian life for more than 30 years, is adding images, negatives and contact sheets to the photographs already housed in the Sophia Smith Collection. Her goal for her photographs has always been that they be seen so “they could help build a movement for our liberation.” In her four years at Smith, Kendra Bonde ’19 has traveled the world, with study abroad and internships in Peru, India and Spain, but, for her, China made a lasting impression. She says, “China’s history is so long, I feel like it’s something I’ll never reach the end of.” Bonde plans to pursue a doctorate in Chinese history.
Mwangi Cultural Center Provides Space to Build Community
Since it reopened last year after a major renovation, Smith’s Mwangi Cultural Center has emerged as a prime venue for engagement and community building for students of color. “Since renovating Mwangi, the space feels and functions more like a cultural center,” says L’Tanya Richmond, dean of multicultural affairs. “Students of color have been able to find, build and sustain a vibrant community, while also gaining a sense of belonging.”
Friends of Smith College Reunion Award
Your class could be the recipient of the Friends Reunion Award on Ivy Day, and you can help make that happen. Alumnae are invited to join one or more Friends groups, including groups for athletics, the botanic garden, the libraries and the art museum. By being a Friend, you support the amazing resources that make a Smith education so special. The class with the most members in any Friends group will receive the Friends Reunion Award. Boost your class standing and help keep Smith strong. Join a Friends group today.
Selected items from the news media featuring Smith College people and programs
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