Notes from Paradise
How the Liberal Arts Fueled a CIA Career
Christine Sweeney ’07 never imagined that a double major in English and theatre would lead to a career with the CIA. But an incident happened on her way home from a semester at the University of Oxford that fueled her interest in intelligence. Here she talks about the work she does and the Smith influences in her life.
Naming Rites: To Change or Not to Change Neilson Library’s Construction Milestone Interdisciplinary Studies Diploma Program Launched
If American culture has become more open to women choosing from a wider range of surname choices at marriage, it hasn’t necessarily made anyone’s individual decision easier. Today, women (and men) face a dizzying array of options. Our names are just a few words, but they represent who we are to the world and to ourselves. Construction workers and members of the Smith community celebrated as the final piece of structural steel was placed atop the new Neilson Library in July. The renovation will feature two new wings, or “jewel boxes." The south wing will house special collections, and the north wing will include a cafe and digital media hub. Lane Hall-Witt (right) will direct the newly created Interdisciplinary Studies Diploma Program, which replaces the American Studies Diploma Program. It will be housed at the Lewis Global Studies Center. Rosetta Marantz Cohen (left), director of the center, says the new program will allow for a broader educational experience.
Feminist T-Shirts Say More Than You Think
In a letter to The New York Times, President Kathleen McCartney takes issue with Nicola Pardy’s suggestion that feminist T-shirts have little bearing on feminist politics. “Findings from social psychology suggest otherwise,” writes McCartney, “specifically that ‘identity wear’ influences others through the exposure effect ... even if we’re not consciously aware of that exposure.”
Register Today for Climate Equity and Justice: Solutions in Action
Don’t miss your opportunity to participate in the Climate Equity and Justice: Solutions in Action conference to be held Oct. 4–6. Join the Smith community and a host of experts and activists from diverse perspectives in manifesting a vision of true climate equity across the globe and in our own backyards.
Map Shows Smith Alums Around the World
Thanks to a new interactive Smithies Around the World map, you can see where Smith graduates are living and working; they can be found in more than 90 countries around the planet. In addition, you can filter the data by class year, major and occupation. The map was created by Spatial Analysis Fellow Emma Harnisch ’18 and advised by Spatial Data Specialist Tracy Tien and Spatial Analysis Lab Director Jon Caris.
Selected items from the news media featuring Smith College people and programs
VALLEY FREE RADIO: Prof. Velma Garcia: The U.S.-Mexico border crisis
PBS NEWSHOUR: Prof. Steven Heydemann: The deadly crisis in Idlib
THE DAILY TELEGRAPH: Conductor Elim Chan ’09 is shaking up classical music
THE ATLANTIC: Prof. Andrew Zimbalist: Is Tokyo ready for the Olympic juggernaut?
BUFFALO NEWS ONLINE: Smith summer camp helps girls persist in STEM
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