Notes from Paradise
Women Still Not Fully Represented in Top Finance Jobs China’s Steps to Be More Eco Friendly Rival U.S. Efforts
Lisa Stone ’91 is a principal and financial advisor in the Senior Investment Advisor Group in Bernstein Private Wealth Management in New York. In a recent interview she talks about how she unexpectedly found success in finance and how she advocates for women to be more financially literate in their personal lives as well as taking a greater leadership roles in the field. In an article in The New Republic, Smith professor Daniel Gardner says that, unlike Washington, Beijing has at least attempted a national plan to fight global warming. He writes, “However reprehensible the world may find Beijing’s politics these days …. the success of their ecocivilization campaign is in everyone’s interest.” Gardner is the Dwight W. Morrow Professor of History.
Rising Comedian Jes Tom ’13
Jes Tom ’13, is a rising star in New York’s explosive queer comedy scene. “I want the face of comedy to change. I want you to pull up Netflix comedy specials and it’s all queer people of color," says Tom, who was one of last year’s StandUp NBC’s finalists.
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