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Support Smithies: The December Giving Challenge Support Smithies: The December Giving Challenge
Financial aid can change the trajectory of a student's life. This month, a member of the class of 1963 will give $25,000 to Smith if 1,500 donations of any size are made during the December Giving Challenge. We're about 25% toward our goal. Help Smith secure this generous donation by making your gift today. Our students are counting on your support.
How Noelle Crombie ’92 Brought Justice to Light Rediscovering Artist Mary Rogers Williams Alice Howe ’13 Mines ’70s Folk for Her Own Vision
How Noelle Crombie ’92 Brought Justice to Light Rediscovering Artist Mary Rogers Williams Alice Howe ’13 Mines ’70s Folk for Her Own Vision
Noelle Crombie ’92, a reporter for The Oregonian, writes about her two-year investigation into a series of decades-old unsolved crimes against women that occurred on a stretch of U.S. 20, with all the evidence pointing to one man. She writes, “Ours was a story of police malpractice and justice denied, of a man who counted on society’s blind eye to marginalized people to escape prosecution for decades." American Impressionist Mary Rogers Williams (1857–1907), a highly regarded artist in her day, is being rediscovered. Williams ran the art department at Smith from 1888 to 1906. A recent article in Vogue takes a closer look at Williams and her work. Seen here: San Domenico and Duomo, a pastel completed by Williams in 1907 and given to SCMA by the artist’s sisters.   Visions, the debut album of Boston-based musician Alice Howe ’13, is prompting comparisons to ’70s-style singer/songwriters. In fact, it was produced by Freebo, a songwriter, producer and bassist who has worked with Bonnie Raitt. Ahead of a recent performance in Cambridge, Howe talks about the two coasts and how she is stretching her musical muscle. Photo: Jim Shea.
How Mary Grant ’70 is Helping Her Class Reach Its Fundraising Goal
For their 50th Reunion in May 2020, the class of 1970 chose to focus their fundraising efforts on financial aid as well as The Smith Fund. Fund Team Coordinator Mary Grant ’70 is playing an instrumental role in helping energize and inspire her classmates.
Register for the 2020 Smith Travel Trip to Israel
Join Smith alumnae, faculty and friends for the Smith Travel trip "Israel: Land of Cultural Treasures," April 19–28, 2020. Experience the stirring beauty of Tel Aviv’s White City, Old Jerusalem and the Dead Sea. This tiny nation, a fascinating focal point for three of the world’s major religions, exudes spirituality while brimming with treasures and religious milestones.
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DAILY HAMPSHIRE GAZETTE: Prof. Carrie Baker: Native American women and girls on Thanksgiving
CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR: Designing life: Teaching coping skills
THE NEW YORK TIMES MAGAZINE: Prof. Ellen Doré Watson: Poem—Mother Going Gone
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