Notes from Paradise
Leading Sonic Into the Future Leading Sonic Into the Future
Growing up in Oklahoma, Claudia San Pedro ’91 spent her teen years enjoying cherry limeades and eating cheese Tater Tots at her local Sonic drive-in, complete with roller-skating servers. Now she’s president of the company, leading one of the nation’s most popular—and nostalgic—fast-food franchises back to the future.
Climate Change is a Leaky Boat and Overflowing Bathtub Support Smithies: The December Giving Challenge A Student’s Keen Appreciation for the Smith Landscape
Climate Change is a Leaky Boat and Overflowing Bathtub Support Smithies: The December Giving Challenge A Student’s Keen Appreciation for the Smith Landscape
Physics professor¬†Nathanael Fortune¬†uses examples of overflowing bathtubs and leaky boats to bring home his point about the danger of climate change, which is all about the rise of carbon dioxide levels. “When it comes to climate, we are all in the same boat,” he says, “and if we seek to avoid a tipping point, then we have to patch the holes.” Throughout the month of December, every gift to The Smith Fund will go toward student scholarships. Give today and your gift will have even more impact thanks to a generous member of the class of ’63 who will donate $25,000 if 1,500 contributions of any size are made this month. We're almost there! Help The Smith Fund secure this substantial donation with a gift today. After a landscape design internship in Manhattan last summer, Tess Abbot ’20 developed a keen appreciation for Smith’s winding pathways and bucolic gardens, the enduring influences of Frederick Law Olmsted’s vision for the campus landscape. But as an aspiring designer she also considers ways to improve how today’s students interact with it.
Smith Exec Ed Online Course: More Women on Boards
One of the single most important things you can do to advance your professional skills and opportunities is to serve on a board. Smith Executive Education is offering a four-week online course, More Women on Boards, which covers what you need to know to serve and succeed on a corporate or nonprofit board. The course, which runs from January 10 to February 14, will be led by Elizabeth Schwan-Rosenwald ’02, an expert in leadership development and organizational capacity building.
Supporting a Community of Safety and Equal Opportunity
President Kathleen McCartney affirmed Smith’s commitment to maintaining an environment free of sexual misconduct after the college responded to a violation of its Gender-Based and Sexual Misconduct Policy. “Sexual misconduct has no place at Smith,” McCartney wrote. “We are committed to continuing to work with students, staff and faculty to build a culture where all can learn and work in a community of safety and equal opportunity.”
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