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What Will Future Smith Look Like? What Will Future Smith Look Like?
Learn more about the next phase of Smith’s Landscape Master Plan (LMP) and contribute suggestions for the future look of the campus. Over the course of the academic year there will be opportunities for members of the Smith community to share their input on campus and online. Stay up to date through the LMP online magazine, Groundswell.
Power of Us: The Smith Fund February Challenge Bestselling Author Explores Story Behind New Book Leading America’s Largest Drive-In into the Future
Power of Us: The Smith Fund February Challenge Bestselling Author Explores Story Behind New Book Leading America’s Largest Drive-In into the Future
In honor of this year’s Smith Medalists, who will be honored at next week's Rally Day, The Smith Fund is dedicating the month of February to the "Power of Us." Contribute to The Smith Fund to increase Smith’s participation rates and let the world know that when Smithies unite around a cause they believe in, great things happen. In Entertainment Weekly, J. Courtney Sullivan ’03 talks about using her real-life experience as a Smith student as a foundation for her new novel, Friends and Strangers. The book doesn't come out until June, but the article features an excerpt. Sullivan is the author of the bestsellers Maine¬†and Saints for All Occasions. Growing up in Oklahoma, Claudia San Pedro ’91 spent her teen years enjoying cherry limeades and eating tots at her local Sonic drive-in, which was complete with roller-skating servers. Now she’s company president, leading one of the nation’s most popular—and nostalgic—fast-food franchises into the future.
Watch Rally Day 2020 Live Next Week
Watch the Rally Day ceremony live on Thursday, February 20, as four extraordinary alumnae receive the Smith College Medal:¬† Suki Terada Ports ’56, HIV/AIDS advocate; Frances E. Jensen ’78, neurologist; Jennifer Baskerville-Burrows ’88, Episcopal diocesan bishop; and Carolina A. Miranda ’93, Los Angeles Times staff writer. The festivities will be streamed on Smith's Facebook page beginning at 1:30 p.m. EST.
Garrett Bradley ’07 Wins Best Director at Sundance
Garrett Bradley ’07 took the best director prize at this year’s Sundance Film Festival for her documentary¬†Time, about convicted armed robber Rob Richardson and the struggles he and his family go through because of his incarceration. The film challenges the idea that the criminal justice and prison systems make the world a safer place and suggests they may even contribute to higher crime rates.
Friends of Smith College Award
Your class could be the recipient of the Friends Reunion Award on Ivy Day, and you can help! All alumnae are invited to join one or more Friends group—Athletics, the Botanic Garden, the Libraries, the Museum of Art—and support the amazing opportunities that make a Smith education so special. The class with the most members in any Friends group will receive the Friends Reunion Award. Boost your class standing and help keep Smith strong. Join a Friends group today.
Selected items from the news media featuring Smith College people and programs
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INSIDE HIGHER ED: Provost Michael Thurston: Community college transfer: Everyone benefits
NEW YORK REVIEW OF BOOKS: Prof. Michael Gorra: On Susan Sontag
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