Notes from Paradise
Daniel Gardner Named Andrew Carnegie Fellow
Daniel K. Gardner, D.W. Morrow Professor of History at Smith, was named a 2016 Andrew Carnegie Fellow—one of the most prestigious fellowships for funding social science and humanities research and writing. Gardner was recognized for his work on China's attempts to address environmental issues.
Leading Ladies Steal the Show The College Admission Frenzy Global Impressions: Summer 2016
This year, the Leading Ladies, Smith’s student-run musical theater group, presented their version of The Wedding Singer. A few of the cast members sat down with The Sophian to discuss staging the show on a shoestring budget, losing yourself in a character and playing roles originally written for men. "Relax." That's the advice Dean of Admission Deb Shaver gives to parents in a New York Times "Sunday Dialogue" about anxiety and the college admission process. When it comes to choosing a college, she writes, "the best fit is where a student will thrive and be happy." The latest issue of Global Impressions, an online journal supported by the Lewis Global Studies Center, features short essays by students and alumnae reflecting on intercultural and interlinguistic transitions.
Catching a Wave
Smith physicist Gary Felder explains why the discovery of gravitational waves, first detected in September 2015 but predicted by Albert Einstein a century ago, was such a historic event. Part of "Profcast," a continuing series in which Smith College professors discuss timely and thought-provoking topics.
Smith People News
Fellowships, publications and elections to academic honor societies are among the recent accomplishments of Smith students, faculty, staff and alumnae. Read about them in the latest People News column.
Calling All Bell Ringers
Greetings, Smith College ringers! The bell-ringing program at Smith is rebounding. Change-ringing is open to all faculty, staff, students and alumnae who wish to participate in a coordinated musical performance, ringing the Mendenhall Tower bells to mark important Smith occasions.
Selected items from the news media featuring Smith College people and programs
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