Notes from Paradise
Class Assignment to Business Plan
An assignment in one of Julia Franchi Scarselli ’18’s classes led her to write a business proposal for a sustainable enterprise called Libellula, which provides consumers with an opportunity to adopt an olive tree in a region of Italy, help the cultivators, and have 100 percent organic, pure olive oil delivered to their doorsteps.
The Art of Communicating Complex Science Mary Maples Dunn Memorial Scheduled for May 28 Summer Renovation Projects Keep Pace With Campus Needs
In astronomy professor James Lowenthal’s class "Astronomy and Public Policy,” students learn how to better communicate complex STEM information to the lay public. Lowenthal, whose course was funded by the NSF, says closing the information gap between scientists and the public is an urgent challenge in STEM. A celebration of the life of Mary Maples Dunn, Smith’s eighth president, will be held at 2 p.m. Sunday, May 28, in Helen Hills Hills Chapel. A reception will follow at the Smith College Conference Center. Dunn, a historian and scholar who served as Smith's president from 1985 to 1995, died March 19. Making sure campus facilities address students' needs—physically and aesthetically—is part of the college’s “curb appeal,” says Peter Gagnon, Smith’s capital construction director. That’s why many brick-and-mortar projects, large and small, were begun, completed or planned during the Women for the World campaign.
Watch the Commencement 2017 Live Webcast
Smith College is excited to celebrate the accomplishments of the class of 2017. To ensure seating for the families of graduating seniors, entrance to the ceremony will be limited to graduates and their guests. Alumnae on campus celebrating Reunion can watch a simulcast of the ceremony, including Oprah Winfrey's address, at brunch locations or at John M. Greene Hall. The wider Smith community is invited to view the event via live webcast.
Attracting Nontraditional Transfer Students Is A Two-Way Street
If selective colleges and universities want to recruit high-performing transfer and nontraditional students, they need to help smooth the transition for students by offering adequate financial aid, good orientation programs, special academic advising, and family housing, writes Sidonia Dalby, Smith’s associate director of admission, in the online newspaper Evolllution.
Get the Inside Scoop on College Admission
Is there a young woman in your family who is in high school and beginning the college search? You both are invited to attend Smith Connection: An Inside Look at College Admission. Smith's team of admission professionals will share strategies to help you successfully navigate the college admission process. Come to campus Friday, June 23, for this special day offered exclusively to Smith alumnae and their families. The cost is $50 per family and includes lunch.
Selected items from the news media featuring Smith College people and programs
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CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR : Ancient class distinctions in SCMA exhibit
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