Notes from Paradise
Alumna Envisions Health Care’s High-Tech Future
In 1996, Renata Glowacka Bushko ’86 founded the Future of Health Technology Institute, a think tank dedicated to exploring how artificial intelligence can transform health care. She describes a few intriguing possibilities, noting, “We do not take full advantage of all the available technology we have.”
Farah Pandith ’90 Honored by Leadership Council Scholarship Supports Refugee Students Fostering a Culture of Research and Innovation
Farah Pandith ’90 recently received a 2017 Presidential Legacy Award from the National Campus Leadership Council. The NCLC works to empower college leaders across the country to confront issues facing students today. Pandith is a senior fellow Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government. A new scholarship fund will honor Marianne Ejier Olds ’47, who came to Smith as part of the college’s refugee admission program. “Smith,” says her daughter, Jacqueline Olds, “changed the course of my mother’s life. She always believed that the education she received there gave her the confidence to do whatever she wanted in life.” Even as first-years, Smith students can be involved in research projects in all disciplines, from the sciences to the humanities and the arts. At Smith, student research is a way of exploring what it means to be a scholar. Students have myriad opportunities to assist faculty with research endeavors or initiate their own projects.
Six Alumnae Named to Board of Trustees
The Smith College Board of Trustees welcomed six new members. They began their four-year terms on July 1. The new trustees are Badriyyah Alsabah ’17, Mattie Peterson Compton ’72, Debbie DeCotis ’74, Susan Greene ’68, Ann Mitchell ’75 and Susan May Molineaux ’75.
2017 Smith Reads Book Selection
In helping to choose a book for this year’s Smith Reads program, Tanimola Somolu ’20 said she was hoping to find “one that would be most relevant to the times.” After much discussion, Somolu—one of three students on the book selection committee—said the group chose a novel that met that goal: Cristina Henríquez’s The Book of Unknown Americans. The book will be read by the incoming first-year class over the summer, with an author's talk and faculty-led discussions in the fall.
Thank You From Friends of Smith College
The Friends of Athletics, Botanic Garden, Libraries and the Museum of Art want to express their sincerest thanks. What a superb way to celebrate Smith! Supporting these special resources has a real impact, making such a difference in the everyday experiences of Smith students. A special thank you to the class of 1967, the Friends Reunion Award winner, which had the most members of the Friends of Smith College than any of the other Reunion classes this year.
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