Notes from Paradise
On Behalf of Houston Teachers
In a New York Times op-ed, Houston high school teacher Lisa Lyneé Daniels ’12 (pictured) discusses her concern for her students’ welfare now and their education in Harvey’s aftermath. She writes, "Teachers in Houston are willing to do just about anything to support their education. We'll build a makeshift school so our students can continue to learn.”
On Being a Student and a Veteran—One Ada’s Perspective President McCartney’s Start-of-Year Message Technology Helps Victims of ‘Archaic Injustice’
In an interview on, Ada Comstock Scholar Jessica Nelson talks about her service in the Marines and her life at Smith. She says, "As a veteran, I had some unique questions, and I never ran into someone who was not willing to help. Smith seems like a school that truly wants their students to succeed and is willing to get them to where they want to go if they are willing to put in the effort." In a message to the campus community, President Kathleen McCartney focused on some of the programs and initiatives on tap for the coming year in support of the college’s commitment to inclusion, diversity, equity and access. Highlights include an update on the search for a new vice president for diversity, inclusion and equity; upcoming speakers, including professor and commentator Roxane Gay; and various programs being developed by Smith’s academic centers.   In a Washington Post review, Kim Dionne, assistant professor of government at Smith (pictured), calls the book Making the Mark: Gender, Identity, and Genital Cutting a “richly detailed” account of a group of young women from Kenya who are using technology to help girls who have been victims of female genital cutting. The book's author is Miroslava Prazak ’79, professor of anthropology at Bennington College.
President McCartney Responds to DACA Decision
Following the Trump administration's decision to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, President Kathleen McCartney said her priority is to ensure the safety and well-being of students, regardless of their immigration status. "In this time of uncertainty for students and families," she writes, "we must continue to actively care for one another. We must support every student in pursuing an education in an environment of safety and stability."
Smith Community Rallies to Support Victims of Hurricane Harvey
The campus community is rallying to support those affected by the devastation of Hurricane Harvey. In an email message to alumnae in the greater Houston area, President Kathleen McCartney and Jennifer Chrisler ’92, vice president for alumnae relations, expressed their hope that the "strength of our community [will] provide you with much-needed solace." In addition, the college has reached out to students in the affected areas to provide reassurance and accommodation to those whose arrival on campus for the start of the semester has been changed by the storm.
New First-Year Program Teaches the Ins and Outs of Smith
Smith has launched a new program designed to help entering students with everything from academics to social life to engagement in the community. The six-week First-Year Experience program offers time-management workshops, outdoor adventures, social justice teas, and more, all designed to prepare new Smithies for the range of experiences the college has to offer.  
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