In Memoriam

With sadness we report the deaths of the following classmates since May 2010. Recent obituaries will be added as they become available. We celebrate their lives, and thank those who have written obituary notices.

Marna Hayden, Martha Wilson, May 18, 2022. Even as a freshman, Marna’s  imagination and curiosity made her a force to be reckoned with. A graduate of Concord Academy, she had already “found her voice” in the theater, her major; her questions and comments often challenged our thinking! A purposeful worker, she installed respect for the work ethic in her beloved children, Alex and Alicia. Her passionate interest in games led her to create the board game “Generations, the game.” As we evolved and rediscovered each other in our later years, Marna always sparked lively conversations and evoked truth telling among our group. It was a gift! Joan Cannon Borton ‘60 and Judy Ford Loutit ‘60

Linda Chivian Levitz, Gardiner, April 15, 2022

Eleanor Farr Clark, Lamont, March 14, 2022

Joan Oppenheimer Brandeis, Wallace,  November 22, 2021

Mary Stanford Johnson, Morris, October 28, 2021

Marjorie Fine Knowles, Morrow, September 24,  2021 in Atlanta GA. Marjorie was a graduate of Harvard Law School, a professor of law at the University of Alabama Law School, Inspector General of the US Department of Labor, and Dean of Georgia State Law School. She was very smart, very funny, and a very thoughtful friend. Marjorie was a tireless advocate for women’s rights. She was also an expert in Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility. Marjorie was enthusiastically supported in all these endeavors by her husband Ralph, a civil rights lawyer, who predeceased her. Diane Manchester Allen ‘60

Patricia Kirkwood Harris, Ziskind, September 5, 2021

Bonnie Moxey Maxwell, Cutter, May 5, 2021

Marian (Mimsy) Miles McCredie, Lamont, October 23, 2020 in Princeton, NJ. Mimsy was a lifelong traveler and lover of adventure. After graduation, she journeyed to Greece, where she married archeologist James McCredie. She was an essential partner during his extraordinary career in classical archology. Mimsy’s ability to connect people came through in every part of her life. She is remembered fondly as a loyal correspondent, a celebrator of birthdays and an expert networker. She is survived by her son, Miles McCredie; her daughter Meredith Winter, her son-in-law, Mark Winter; and two grandchildren, William and Eleanor Winter.  Hannah Druker Heyle ’60

Nancy Lanphier Chapin, Hubbard, August 7, 2020

Julia Blauvelt Keally, Albright, July 26, 2020

Leola Armour MacDonald, Park, July 17, 2020

Margaret Howard, Gardiner, June 27, 2020

Ellen Feinknopf Mack, Emerson, June 12, 2020 in Fort Worth, Texas. Ellen graduated from Columbus School for Girls prior to Smith, and later attended Simmons University’s School of Social Work and Vanderbilt University’s Owen Graduate School of Management. In her adopted home of Fort Worth, she had a more than 50-year career as a civic volunteer. Ellen distinguished herself in business as the first full-time educator at Beth-El Congregation, development director for local nonprofits, and ultimately as the chief operating officer of Strategic Insight Group. She is survived by her husband of 60 years, Ted, three daughters, and five grandchildren.

Carolyn (Connie) Milmoe Pomeroy, Capen, June 10, 2020

Margaret Orchard Langer, Martha Wilson, June 3, 2020. Margaret Anne Orchard Langer (Peg) spent two years at Smith before transferring to Penn State. After graduating summa cum laude, she went on to earn her PhD in education. For 35 years she taught aspiring teachers to teach reading to children. Peg spent most of her career at University of the Pacific in Stockton, CA, which awarded her the esteemed Order of Pacific Award, the university’s highest honor. Peg had two children and several grandchildren. Betsy Beidler Cussler ’60

Elizabeth Brooks Dennett, Talbot, May 26, 2020

Marjorie Cohen Relin-Ratcliff, Martha Wilson, May 22, 2020,  in Rochester, NY, surrounded by family, after battling lymphoma. Marjorie spent her life in Rochester, marrying Lloyd Relin, raising, their children, and teaching reading to learning-disabled children for 35 years. She knew tragedy: losing her first husband, an infant son, and their adult son. But Marjorie embraced joy: traveling the world, learning the oboe, and then marrying her beloved husband Cary Ratcliff, composer and pianist, and sharing with him 25 joyful years of love, extended family, music, and gratitude. Betsy Beidler Cussler, ‘60


Brenda Raudenbush Griffin  April 4, ’20, in McDonough, GA. A third-generation Smithie, Brenda lived in Hopkins B and was involved in Rally Day presentations. After graduation, she and her husband moved to Atlanta, where they raised four children. Brenda worked in community affairs, education, adult literacy, tutoring and helping those less fortunate. Supporting her deep faith, she became a hospice chaplain and lay Cistercian. She loved reading, gardening, traveling and camping, but writing poetry and literature was her passion. Many lives were touched by her caring nature, clever humor and joie de vivre.—Hilary Raudenbush Magnuson ’63, her sister

Barbara Goodwin Papesch, Martha Wilson, February 2020

Hermine Chivian-Cobb, Dawes, 2/23/20,  in NYC, leaving her twin sister, Linda Chivian Levitz, with a shattered heart. Recently she worked at Doyle auction gallery in New York as a Specialist in fine art. She had been a senior researcher in European and British paintings and drawings at the Metropolitan Museum. She was also Vice President and Director of the Drawings Division at Sotheby’s where she produced the drawings catalogues. She spent her junior year in Paris, studying at the Ecole du Louvre, one of her happiest years. She is also survived by her daughter, Dariel Cobb. Written by Linda Chivian Levitz ’60 and edited by Kathleen Dunn Lyman

Alice Updike Scannell, Tyler, 12/9/19

Barbara Schnepp, Emerson, 11/17/19

Gloria Seaman Allen, Laura Scales, 11/16/19

Barbara Jaros Dickinson, Morris, 11/15/19

Mary Gordon Roberts, Baldwin, 7/29/19,  in NYC.  Mary earned master’s degrees from Stanford and NYU, taught in Argentina, and enjoyed a notable career in finance at Chase and Kidder Peabody. She was honored with a Smith Medal in 1985. Mary loved to run and finished two Boston Marathons.  She and her father gave Smith a 500 meter outdoor track, reflecting the family’s love of running. Five years after her Alzheimer’s diagnosis, Mary joined classmates for our 50th Reunion to celebrate her donation of a George Bellows painting to the art museum. Mary is remembered for her merriment, generosity, and courage. She is survived by her husband, Don, children, John, and Martha, and two grandsons.

Wendy Marcus Raymont, Cutter, 7/30/19 in Tepozlan Mexico, after a battle with Alzheimer’s disease. Wendy was a daughter of Neiman Marcus president Stanley Marcus. She graduated from Harvard Law School in 1963. Her career included clerking for US Supreme Court Justice Abe Fortas, working at the White House as an assistant to Lady Bird Johnson, and serving as legal counsel to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. She valued intellect, social responsibility and empathy, encouraging many young women to be strong, independent thinkers. She is survived by her husband of 53 years, three children, and four grandchildren.

Karen Willard Slater, Hubbard, 6/11/19

Judith Fenn Duncan, Northrop, 4/24/19

Sara Jane Mathews, Cutter, 3/19/19, in Albuquerque. Sara received a MA in social work from UC Berkeley. She contributed deep understanding and compassion to autistic and traumatized children in the San Francisco area for over 30 years. Sara was an avid bird-watcher and enjoyed folk dancing and storytelling. For many years until her illness, Sara, Lanier Anderson Williams ‘59, Jane Raiche Ringham ‘59, and Gloria Cook Guzman ‘60 spent a week together every two years playing erratic bridge while catching up. Sara’s humor and passion for social justice will always be remembered.

Jaren Jones Ducker, Jordan, 12/14/18

Caroline Hibbard Buckler, Ziskind, 12/27/17 (notified 12/3/18)

Susan McInnes Howard, Emerson, 11/20/18

Frances Patton Saybolt, Hubbard, 9/28/18

MJ Long, Comstock, 9/03/18 in London. MJ attended Yale School of Architecture, where she later had a professorship. She moved to Britain in 1964, becoming a distinguished architect and powerful design critic and writer. She was awarded the Order of the British Empire (OBE) by the queen. Her husband, Sir Colin St. John Wilson, died in 2007. They practiced together from 1965 to 1996, notably on the British Library. She could have styled herself “Lady Wilson” but preferred MJ. She is survived by her children, Harry and Sal, and three grandchildren. Timothy Cantell, her colleague.

Janet Gamer Perlman, Northrop, 8/29/18 in Washington D.C. of complications from Alzheimer’s. Janet received a law degree  from NYU in 1964. She practiced law with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, as a sole practitioner, and in two law firms retiring in 2008. She successfully navigated between raising two children and working in a male-dominated field. She had a dry wit, a strong sense of humor, and a sharp eye for humbug. Her survivors include her husband Theodore, step-daughter Hope, daughter Deborah, and four grandchildren.

Nancy Beck Cross, 6/2/18

Gretchen Leutheuser Davis, Tyler, 3/21/2018 in Devon PA. Gretchen majored in philosophy. She was a librarian for more than 30 years at Easttown Library in Berwyn, PA, where she also served on the Friends of the Library Board. She was an active member of Footlighters Theater for many years. Gretchen enjoyed reading, crossword puzzles, movies, theater, and music of all genres. She had a love for nature and animals. She is survived by her husband, Charles Davis III, three children and four grandchildren. Hannah Davis, her daughter.

Nancy Hersey Paulson, Morrow, 1/15/18 in Greenwich CT. Nan was an Economics major and earned a M.A, from Johns Hopkins School of Advanced  International Studies. A self-professed workaholic, she enjoyed a long career as a financial planner. Summers in Maine were her long-time passion. Nan was smart and funny; irreverent and organized: an enthusiastic Morrow House president!  Nan was kind and thoughtful and would drop everything to help friends and family. Nan will be missed by her two sons and their families, and by her many friends.  Diane Manchester Allen ’60

Sandra Newman Colbert, Baldwin

Laura Rollins Hockaday, Jordan, 10/24/17

Wendy O’Brien Marsh, Dawes, 7/ 25/17

Ingeborg von Berghes, Talbot, 6/17

Patricia Watson, Talbot, 4/9/2012 (notified 8/18/17)

Sally MacKinnon, Clark, 3/22/17. Sally died at home in Castle Rock , Colorado. She was born in Chicago, lived in Philadelphia, and Salt Lake City. She transferred to Smith for her sophomore year and studied Philosophy and English. Her housemates remember her wit, independent spirit, and resolve.  Sally forged a most interesting career, that eventually led her to Winston-Salem NC where she become Vice-President of Marketing for RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company. One of her memorable advertising creations was the tan-clad Camel smoking hero in front of the Egyptian Pyramids. She retired to Scottsdale, AZ, where she lived at the Boulders and pursued her interests in painting, photography, and writing. She was active in the Episcopal Church as a volunteer and choir member. Sally is survived by her sister Mimi and nephews.  Cynthia Ross Burmeister ’60 and Mary Daley Sullivan ’60

Tibby (Mary Elizabeth) Macfarland Rosenberry, Wallace, 2/12/17

Anne Bates, Emerson, 12/18/16

Marilyn Trauner Lager, Hubbard, 12/7/16. Marilyn died at Lankenau Hospital in Wynnewood, PA, stunning family and friends. Marilyn lived in Penn Valley PA with Eric, her husband of 57 years, with whom she enjoyed an extraordinary partnership. At Smith Marilyn was an English major who was about to take her senior year at Yale, when she met Eric. Instead Marilyn moved to New York where Eric was completing his psychiatric residency, and finished her studies at Barnard. She later earned a Masters Degree in library science from Drexel University in Philadelphia. Marilyn was passionate about her immediate and extended families, hosting Thanksgiving dinners that included three generations. Close relationships mattered most to Marilyn, and she had a large circle of devoted friends. Until her retirement, Marilyn was the head librarian at Friends Central School in Wynnewood. She loved reading, writing, traveling, music, art, and photography. She is sorely missed, especially by her Philadelphia area Smith classmates and friends with whom she met regularly for lunch and conversation. In addition to her husband Eric, she leaves her daughter Karen (Ronald) their children Daniel and Julie, her daughter Jennifer, and her son Robert (Karen) and their children Matthew and Sophia. Judy Ebby ’60

Kathleen Driscoll Murphy, Baldwin, 11/25/16

Carol Stanwood, Dewey, 10/11/16

Margaret (Peggy) Sheffield, Chapin, 4/30/16. Margaret died after a long and courageous battle with a crippling lung disease caused by a genetic disorder. A writer and art critic, she was particularly noted for her teaching of writing.

Carolyn Nason King, Laura Scales, 4/8/16. Carolyn died in  Sarasota Florida. She was an avid bird watcher, loved the Boston Red Sox, and was a major volunteer with Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge, MA.

Ann Cleary Kearns,  Emerson, 3/2/16. Ann was a noted choral director in the Pioneer Valley. A number of classmates and Smith friends gathered at the April 9 memorial service, including Mary Dingman-Abel, Bobbie Morrison Dolp, Robbin Griffith Levy, Nancy Niering Lowry, Ellen Satterthwaite Seibert, Linda Fisher Smith, and Anne Van Zandt Somary ’59. The next day nearly 100 Valley music friends gathered at Sweeney Hall for a sing-in of Brahms’ A German Requiem in Ann’s memory.

Diane Thompson MacKinnon, Martha Wilson, 2/17/16. Diane died  peacefully at home in Chevy Chase, MD. She graduated from Sidwell Friends School, Summa Cum Laude from Smith, majoring in Mathematics. She had a career at IBM, and later as independent consultant. She had great warmth, wit, and strength of character, exemplified by how she battled leukemia over eighteen years, participating in many clinical trials and serving as both a Patient Representative and Advocate while living life to its fullest. She is survived by her husband, children, grandchildren, cousins, and many other family and friends who loved and admired her.  Marna Hayden ’60

Susie (Alice Jane) Ricker Arnold, Morrow, 1/28/16

Lyn McLane Egsgard, Baldwin, 12/9/2015

Beverly Day Gredier, Cushing, 6/13/2015

Orysia Karapinka, Tyler, 6/4/2015, of lung cancer. A native of Ukraine, Orysia majored in history at Smith and spent her junior year in Geneva. She earned a doctorate in Russian history from the University of California, Berkeley, and taught for 43 years at the University of Pittsburgh, retiring in 2010. In 2003 she was enlisted on the faculty honor roll there for her teaching excellence.

Sandra Wilson Wilson, Tyler, 2/10/15. No one who knew Sandy Wilson well, could write an obituary that isn’t filled with love.  The Greenwich, Connecticut paper had a fine piece which spoke of her peaceful death at home and recalled her devotion to children, grandchildren, her husband (who predeceased her) and friends.  But when close friends think of Sandy, they see a quick smile, a sweep of tawny hair, long slender legs; they see a golden girl with a love of sports, and a gift for friendship and kindness.  They remember the energy she poured into her teaching of middle school History and English while raising four children.  That she should have had to undergo seven years of a devastating neurological disease that left her immobilized, seems shockingly unfair but Sandy showed courage, patience,  and a determination to persevere that left us breathless.  In one sense her death set her free, but how we miss her, and how firmly we will keep her safe in our hearts. Frances Stokes Hoekstra ’60

Susan Oliver Montgomery, Gillett,  1/11/2015, in Philadelphia. Susie attended Smith and graduated from the University of Buffalo. In 1960 she married Edward (Ned) Montgomery Jr., who later became vice chairman of Mellon Bank Corporation and chairman of Mellon Bank in Philadelphia. In 1985 the family moved to Philadelphia, where Susie established herself as a civic leader. Among other distinctions, she served on the board of the Library Company of Philadelphia for more than 20 years and was the founding chair of the Friends of the American Philosophical Society. She leaves her husband, two daughters, and two grandsons.

Barbara Johnson Hickey, Laura Scales, 12/3/2014, in Granite Bay CA. Barb loved living near the ocean and treasured windy, foggy days in Nantucket and Half Moon Bay CA. After an active professional life as a journalist and realtor, Barb attended law school, graduating in 1991. She was justifiably proud of being a member of the California and Massachusetts Bars and establishing a successful real estate law practice. Barb was an enthusiastic traveler and hiker; as well as a hands-on grandmother and good friend. She was widowed three times and remained cheery and optimistic during the last 2 years of painful illness. She will be missed by her daughter, two granddaughters and many friends. Diane Manchester Allen ’60

Ellen Kenney Lang, Baldwin, 11/18/2014

Bette (BJ) Epstein Finkelstein, Northrop, 10/3/2012  (notified 10/22/14)

Kathryn Dineen Wriston, Laura Scales, 9/28/2014. Kathy died of complications from a fall at her farm in Connecticut. She graduated from the University of Michigan Law School in 1963. Kathy practiced law at Shearman & Sterling in New York City before her marriage to Walter Wriston, chairman of Citigroup. She served on the boards of several large corporations, of the principal legal and accounting organizations, and of several non profits. Kathy was deeply committed to nature conservation, medical research, and educational institutions. Carolyn Dineen King ’59, her sister

Deborah Moore Geithner, Tyler, 8/12/2014

Elizabeth (Story) Smith Wright, Park Annex, 7/12/2014

Frances (Posy) Bland Youngblood, Cutter, 5/22/2014

Dorothy (Deedee) Feldman Schwartz, Northrop, Wallace, Comstock, 3/03/2014

Jeanne Abbott Dorough, Franklin King, 3/01/2014

Mary Hornby Wiebe, Wilder, 1/14/2014

Eva Agostan Powers, Laura Scales, 1/12/2014

Anne Brower, Gardiner, 10/29/2013

Judith Glassman Daniels, Chapin, 9/01/2013

Phyllis Woods Baldwin, Lamont, 7/22/2013

Anna Held Audette, Dawes, 6/09/2013

Carolyn Hiltner, 12/29/2012

Olga Craven Huchingson, Ada Comstock, 10/15/2012

Helaine Steinberg Obolsky, Dewey, 8/18/2012

Victoria Kelly Byers, Talbot, 8/03/2012

Lee Sumner Cushman, Tyler, 3/13/2012

Sandra Fales Hillman, Clark, 3/02/2011
Eugenie Cochrane Fenton, Northrop, 12/11/2011

Margery Michelmore Heffron, Lawrence, 12/09/2011

Mary Alice Brown, Ziskind, 11/04/2011

Sarah (Sally) Bowles,  Comstock,  6/05/2011

Edith (Deedee) Christian Minear, Tyler, 3/17/2011

Judith Sykes Ardis, Lawrence, 2/19/2011

Helen (Noonie) Zanetti Marx, Talbot, 1/12/2011

Josephine Troxell Gordon, Lamont, 7/16/2010



The Smith Fund Class of 1960 Memorial Scholarship Fund was established by Lamont housemates of Josephine (Josie) Troxell Gordon, who passed away in 2010, to honor her and their friendships with her and memories of her. This effort was initiated by Emmy Lou Lehman Smith, then broadened to include other Lamont 1960 classmates who have died. It was subsequently broadened further to include any memorial gifts made to honor friends from our class. The objective of the fund is to recognize “the strong, enduring connections between Smith alumnae and their beloved Housemates.”

  • The scholarship will be awarded annually in the amount raised in the previous year
  • Gifts to this fund are considered Smith Fund contributions and will count in reunion totals
  • Donors will receive information about the scholarship recipient(s)
  • The Fund will acknowledge both the contributors from each house and the housemates who are being memorialized
  • Current assets of the fund are at least $1,000

Checks to this fund should be payable to Smith College and sent to Smith College Gift Accounting, 76 Elm Street, Northampton MA 01063. Please specify that the gift is to the Class of 1960 Memorial Fund and note the person whom you are memorializing and the name of her House.