House Representatives

Is Your House Covered??

We need some additional House Reps, reach to Dot Marks Brown or Diana Lane Calligan via Facebook or email and volunteer!

House Representative
150 Elm Street
Albright House Leota Boesen
Baldwin House Cindy Bostwick
Bedford Ter.
Capen House Leslie Forbes Owens
Chapin House Nancy Hughes Cline
Chase House
Comstock House
Cushing House
Cutter House
Dawes House
Duckett House
Emerson House Nancy Franklin
Gardiner House Cheryl White
Gillett House
Haven House
Hopkins & A/B Leslie Fitch Beatty
Hubbard House
Jordan House Linda¬† O’Connor Casertano
Lisa Cavanagh Weise
King House
Lamont House Pat Magner
Lawrence House Irene Lerner Leamon
Morris House Jean Robinson
Morrow House
Northrop House
Off Campus
Park House & Annex
Parsons House & Annex Sandi McRae Duschene
Scales House
Sessions House & Annex
Talbot House Shirley McLane McLane
Barb Ridpath
Tenney House Lynda Brown Herrig
Karen Stone
Tyler House Karen Love Brock
Washburn House Susan  Whitenack
Wesley House
Wilder House Lisa Levy
Wilson House Alex Karlow Nolan
Ziskind House Leslie Fitch Beatty