SAQ Update Info


  • If you would like to submit an update please the Class Secretary
  • Updates are submitted by all class secretaries 4 times a year (Aug, Nov, Feb, & May)
  • All updates are collected two quarters prior (ex: the Winter issue updates are collected in Aug/Summer)
  • The SAQ is published four times a year: September, December, March & June
  • There is a NEW page restriction limit due to budgetary concerns, which means not all updates make it into the magazine
  • General rules for submitting updates:
  1. Please include ALL names of Smithies along with class years (this includes current/married, maiden, and nick names)
  2. If you are submitting an update about another Smithie please include that person’s email so I can verify any info
  3. Pictures are always welcome! All names and class years must be includes for Smithies & name of all non-Smithies  (NOTE: priority is given to pictures with only Smithies)
  4. Please DO NOT include personal or business contact info
  5. And lastly the big one- if it hasn’t happened by the deadline then DO NOT submit it! This includes engagements, weddings, and births! See below for more explanation.


Why didn’t my update make it the SAQ magazine?

  1. Updates are compiled on a first come, first serve basis.
  2. If the page/word count limit has been reached and/or the Class Secretary received your update later on then it wouldn’t make the cut.
  3. Since there is time gap in between when updates are collected and submitted, if you don’t see your update appear in the magazine, please email it to the Class Secretary again.
  4. Updates are always collected two issues before they appear! It’s important to remember that the Class Secretary always indicates which magazine issue the updates will appear, but remember! Your update should appear 2 quarters AFTER you submit them (ex: if you submit in the SPRING, they will appear in the FALL issue)!

Why has the text of my update changed?

  1. Similar to the above answer, since updates are published months and months AFTER you submit, it is necessary to remove any time-sensitive info (ex: talking about seasons) to make them appropriate.
  2. You might have included info on a person that doesn’t want their name published and therefore that part of the update will be removed.
  3. You included info about something that hasn’t happened yet! This is a BIG ONE! Engagements can NEVER be printed in the magazine since the wedding could be called off in between the time the update is submitted and the time the magazine is published. All wedding and birth announcements can only be submitted if they have occurred BEFORE the deadline date.

Why wasn’t my picture published in the magazine?

  1. All photos are submitted. It’s up to the editing team for the SAQ on whether to include and when they choose to do so!

Where else can I let alumnae know what’s going on in my life?

  1. There’s plenty of places to do this online! One place is this website: starting in autumn 2013, all updates received by the Class Secretary will be posted here on our class website, regardless of if they make the cut to go into the magazine or not. Photos are more than welcome and will be featured on the class Facebook page. If you have a random update that doesn’t coincide with the SAQ update schedule, feel free to e-mail the Class Web Chair and she’ll be able to post your information right away.
  2. Another place is the AASC site and community. Sign up for an account if you don’t already have one!
Why haven’t I received an email asking for updates?
  1. The email list is generated automatically…it consists of over 700 people so it’s a bit time consuming to go in and manually update any info (plus the system is not very user friendly). The list generates emails from what is on record with the AASC- if you keep getting emails sent to an account that you don’t use, please update your info with AASC through registering online in the alumnae directory OR go directly to the bottom of the AASC website.