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Leaving the Smith bubble and entering the real world can be difficult! Whether you’re looking for a job or becoming a professional student, check out this part of the website for job postings, job searching tips, and general advice!


Do you have a job posting that you would like to post on the site? Email the class secretary!


Do you have any tips on how to find and secure a job in a particular field? Send your tips to the class secretary to post them here!


Are you a resume superstar? Do you currently hire people at your current job? Offer advice for creating and mantaing a good resume!

  Planning Your Pitch: A Content Map for Cover Letters
  Resumes & Cover Letters
  Sample Resumes, Cover Letters & Job Descriptions
  Framing Your Story: Questions to Guide Your Cover Letter
  Specialized Resumes: The Arts & Academia


Do you know where to search for particular jobs, outside of the normal popular career sites/job boards? Let everyone else know here!


Do you interview applicants at your current job? Have you recently aced a job interview? Offer tips for other Smithies!

Smith Network

One way to find other Smithies that can hook you up, job-wise, is going on the AASC website.

  • There are several sections of the site devoting to career development opportunities and finding jobs. Registering with the site will allow you to search & see where other Smithies work, which can be useful if you’re interested in working for the same company.

Graduate and Professional School

Have you completed a program? Currently in one? Offer insight on the admission process and any other tidbits!


Smith College Alumnae Association (AASC) is dedicated to enhancing the lives of Smith women worldwide. Through high-quality programs, unique services, and world-class events, the association reinforces the strong, lifelong ties that our diverse alumnae have to Smith and to each other.

Smith Women Connect: Careers – Connect with other alumnae in a variety of fields who are willing to share advice and expertise, and through Webinars, on-campus events, and workshops we provide you with the information you need to get your career on the right track.

Smith College Alumnae Directory – Connect with other alumnae working in related fields, post your resume, and search for jobs.

E-Access – The CDO’s database of jobs and internships. Create a free account and browse thousands of job, internship and fellowship opportunities! Alums may also post positions at their organzations.

  • Worried about paying back your loans? There are several different positions that can offer loan repayment programs- check out this site to learn more!
  • The Foundation Center is a great resource on grants and other sources of funding! They also have a nice resource center location in downtown DC complete with a librarian.


Know about a career event? Let the class secretary know to get it posted on the website!






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