In lieu of dues, please sponsor a book award. One award costs $30. Please mail your check and this form to the Smith College Club of Westchester at 80 Grove Street, Mt. Kisco, NY 10549.

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Get Involved!

Volunteers are needed to interview prospective students in Westchester and Rockland County and work with area schools for our book awards program. Any time you can contribute would be greatly appreciated. Please contact us at

To volunteer to occupy a board position, email the club at

Club Membership Information

Please update your contact information Here :

We have close to 400 alumnae in our area, but some of you haven’t given the Alumnae Association your e-mail address.  We promise not to flood you with e-mails, but this is really the quickest way to get information to you — and it saves us money on printing and postage, too!

If you’d like to update your information on the Alumnae Association website — and also search for your friends and former house-mates — please go to the Alumnae Online Directory at . This will help us stay in touch with you to make sure you have the latest news about the Club’s offerings!

To contact other members of the club, look up individuals in the Smith Alum directory.