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Ai-jen Poo is 2019 Commencement Speaker
Domestic rights advocate Ai-jen Poo will deliver the 2019 Commencement address. Honorary degree recipients are Elizabeth Alexander, president of The Mellon Foundation; Drew Gilpin Faust, Harvard University president emerita; Yvonne Freccero, local advocate for the homeless; and Niki Tsongas ’68, former congresswoman.
Alumna Curates Exhibit on the Art of Martha Hall ’71 Students Build Community Through the Bounds Do We Need to Redefine the Meaning of ‘Movie’?
Marieke Van Der Steenhoven ’07, education librarian in the George J. Mitchell Department of Special Collections at Bowdoin College, has curated an exhibit on the late Martha Hall ’71. Hall is mostly known for her artist’s books, which document her lengthy battle with breast cancer. The new exhibit showcases other aspects of Hall's life as well. Through programs such as Springfield Bound and Holyoke Bound, Smith students are engaging with local communities. Denys Candy, director of the Smith College Jandon Center, says, “It’s important for students to have the opportunity to attend the Bounds to get a richer sense of the history, assets and challenges that our neighboring communities are facing.” Ann Hornaday ’82, Washington Post film critic, poses questions sparked by the 2019 Oscars. What actually is a movie? Do audiences want tried and true or innovative and edgy? How does Netflix fit in to all of this? Hornaday writes that this year’s nominees reflected a medium whose language has one foot in the past and another seeking out new forms.
Together for Smith: Give Today
There's still time to participate in our Together for Smith challenge. We're just about 100 gifts away from reaching our goal of securing 2,019 donations to The Smith Fund by Feb. 28. A gift of $325,000 from the board of trustees is on the line. This challenge is about participation, not dollars. Please stand with Smith and make your gift today. Thank you!
Last-Minute Smith Travel Opportunity: Celebrate Havana’s 13th Biennial
Smith Travel is offering a last-minute opportunity to participate in the 13th Biennial in Havana, April 10-16. The Biennial takes place every other year to celebrate Latin American and Caribbean artists.The city is filled with art and installations and performances take place on street corners and along the seafront promenade. This unique tour will be led by Lester Tomé, a Cuban-born scholar and associate professor in the dance department as well as an affiliate of the Latin American and Latino/a Studies Program at Smith.
Watch a Replay of the 2019 Rally Day Ceremony
Watch a replay of the Feb. 20 webcast of Rally Day 2019 as four extraordinary alumnae received the Smith College Medal: Lydia Tenaglia-Collins ’88, creator of the CNN award-winning series Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown; Niki Sauvage Tsongas ’68, former Massachusetts congresswoman; Phoebe A. Haddon ’72, chancellor, Rutgers University-Camden; and Carolyn Kuan ’99, music director, Hartford Symphony Orchestra conductor.
Selected items from the news media featuring Smith College people and programs
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BOSTON GLOBE: Surviving March in New England: The Smith Bulb Show
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THE NATIONAL, SCOTLAND: Prof. Andrew Zimbalist: The cost of the Rio Olympics
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