Notes from Paradise
The State of Transgender Medicine Today
Jenny Siegel ’01 talks about her work as medical director of the Center for Transgender Medicine and Surgery Department at Boston Medical Center, which provides transgender and non-binary individuals with comprehensive medical care, ranging from primary care to mental health services to surgical needs.
How Humor Enables Hope in Ancient Hebrew Texts Athletics Day of Giving Challenge: Today Only! Researching the Use and Politics of Medical Cannabis
Joel Kaminsky, Morningstar Family Professor of Jewish Studies and chair of the religion department at Smith, writes about how humor in biblical texts is used to convey a deeper theological purpose. He notes, humor "helps us glimpse other possible worlds, in turn enabling the audience to hope for a better future." Support the Smith College Athletics 2019 Giving Challenge. Contribute to a specific sport, or give to the Friends of Athletics general fund. Whichever you choose, your gift today will help provide Smith College student athletes with the resources necessary to compete at the highest level. Remember to donate today. Go Pioneers! After Caroline Melly’s infant son was diagnosed with a rare form of epilepsy, she discovered an underground world of medical cannabis. Here Melly, associate professor of anthropology at Smith, discusses her new research into the contemporary politics of medical marijuana in the United States and beyond.
What One Word Defines Smith?
Help the class of 2023 get to know Smith better. How would you describe Smith in just one word? Submit your word by Friday, April 26, at noon Eastern time.
Work the Smith College Business Network
The Smith College Business Network is a comprehensive resource for Smith alumnae in business, no matter what stage you are in your career. Join today!
Creating the Library of the Future
Here is everything you'll want to know about the construction of the new Neilson Library, currently underway. Designed by  Maya Lin, the new library preserves the core masonry walls of the 1909 Neilson as part of an all-new innovative, energy-efficient design.
Selected items from the news media featuring Smith College people and programs
THE TELEGRAPH: Review: ‘Raise Hell: The Life and Times of Molly Ivins ’66’
THE NEW YORK TIMES: Prof. Michael Gorra reviews Janny Scott’s ‘The Beneficiary’
LOS ANGELES REVIEW OF BOOKS BLOG: Profs. Carol and Philip Zaleski: In the footsteps of the Inklings
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