Memoriam Slides

Sadly, as of March 8, 2021, we know of 137 classmates who have died. Please email changes/missing info to:  ics [at] starr [dot] net.
Note that obits can often be found by Googling a person’s full name plus the word obit. The “Memoriam More” page is for stories and miscellany. Note also that some obituary links may be good for only a few months.

Recent Additions
Sheila Byer Golden, 5/4/2021
Joanna Fortune Rowell, 4/20/2021
Judith Kievit Barney, notified 2/4/2021 (Gardiner House)
Cynthia Maughan Powell, 1/24/2021 (Parsons House) obit
Eleanor Cunliffe Woods, 1/20/2021 (Lamont House) bio

Deborah Fisher Yates Gormly, 11/17/2020 (Talbot House) obit
Betty Branson Holliday, 6/4/2019 (Scales House) obit (added Nov 2020)
Elizabeth (Bets) Galligan, 8/29/2020 (Clark House) obit
Mimi Smith Ewens, 7/2/2020 (Haven House) obit
Peggy (Margaret) Watson Wise 4/18/2020, (Chapin House) obit
Nancy Eaton Smart,  4/9/2020 (Tyler House) obit
Carla Donkin Jenkins, 3/9/2020 (Martha Wilson House) obit
Linda Rosen Schwartz, 1/20/2020  (Jordan House) obit 

Carol Fisk Goldman, 2019, (Cushing House)
Joyce Sills, 11/15/2019  (Lawrence House) obit
Jean Hastings Witmeyer Hocker, 8/22/2019 (Emerson House) obit
Elisabeth Anne Posner Schouten, 8/12/2019 (Talbot House) obit
Elizabeth Smith Witter,  7/12/2019  (Comstock House) obit
Joan Sanger Griffith, 4/8/2019 (Wilder House)  obit
Frances Hailman, 6/23/2013 (Wilson House) [notified May 2021]

Judith Winters Abrams, 3/31/1996 (Morris House)
Maureen Hechtel Bocchieri, 12/30/1996 (Gardiner House)
Betty Moorhead (Frances) Bonsal, 11/2011 (Washburn House)
Louise Smith Bross, 10/13/1996 (Morris House)
Edith Farr Brown, 10/17/1983 (Morris House)
Judith Lawson Browne, 3/15/2013, (Gardiner House)
Carmody Geraghty Bornemann, 3/11/2010 (Emerson House)
Monique Charles, 10/18/1972 (Wilson House)
Katherine Griggs Chrisman, 5/16/1987 (Hopkins B House)
Hallie Coles Connolly-Aubin, 4/26/2013 (?? House)
Deborah Coolidge, 11/5/1957 (Comstock House)
Mary Woodson Crowell, 7/27/2016 (Tyler House) obit, housemate remembrance
Carol Eckert Cunningham, 3/23/2010 (Gillett House)
Virginia Puller Dabney, 7/6/2018 (Lamont House) obit
Nancy Nordahl Dailey, 10/2013 (Emerson House)
Helen McClennen Dale, 6/11/2017 (Wilder House) obit
Catherine Fey Daumit, 9/6/2017 (Northrop House) comment
Ann Altemeier Dearworth,  4/21/2018   (Northrop House) obit
Gail Griffis Dell 3/24/2012 (Wilder House)
Gretel Hanauer Derby, 10/20/2000 (Jordan House)
Deborah Durbrow Diggens, 1/24/2016 (Laura Scales House) obit
Julia Kayan Dooman, 4/11/2009 (Wilder House)
Janet Vogel Dorfman, 3/1/2000 (Hubbard House)
Judy Owen Dunlap, 9/5/1969 (Emerson House)
Sally Haines Dudley, 5/21/2016 (Parsons House) obit
Ellen Stover Eddy, 6/2014 (Chapin House)
Gertrude Schenck Embree, 2/9/2018 (King Houseobit
Marie Louise Hodge Farr, 5/5/2017 (Hubbard House) obit
Georgia Pierpont Foster, 12/23/2009 (Jordan House) obit
Martha Richmond Fowlkes, 3/17/2009 (Lawrence House)
Susan Underwood Fredericks, 10/19/2018  (?? House) obit
Victoria Coleman Fuller, 5/6/1974 (Hubbard House)

Katherine Dyer Garcia, (KK), 11/26/2017 (Franklin King House) obit
– reported by Ellen Thornton-her sister

Helen Hardcastle Gates, 9/2014 (Laura Scales House)
Gail Fishman Gerwin, 10/3/2016 (Park House, transferred out of Smith) obit
Judith Bules Gibson, 5/2/1992 (King House)
Carol Hoppin Gilchrist, 8/30/1995 (Park House)
Milly Freeman Golonka, 9/26/2018 in Dunedin FL.  (Baldwin House) (25th reunion bio)
Jane Gurko, 11/29/2010 (Clark House)
Frances Jane Hailman, 6/24/2013 (?? House)  obit
Alison Kenney Hall, 4/27/2007 (Wilson House)
Judith Brainerd Heineman, 3/1/1966 (?? House)
Alva Mendels Herr,  5/8/2009 (Baldwin House)
Abigail Rickert Hershey, 4/1/1995 (Sessions House)
Angeline de Santis Hill, 4/1/2018 (Wilder House) obit
Susan Hiller, 1/28/2019 (Comstock House) obit
Elizabeth Hintz, 1/20/1976 (Dewey House)
Elizabeth Manners Holt, 6/9/2003 (Wilson House)
Sarah Barnes Hutchison, 6/2010 (Laura Scales House)
Rita Warren (Van Tassel)  Johnson, 7/12/2009 (Gillett House)
Ann West Johnson, 2/2/1970 (?? House)
Sally Lawrence Kauder, 11/2013 (Wilder House)
Sharon Keene, 11/4/2009 (Wilson House)
Carol Lobb Kimball, 12/15/16 (Comstock House) obit
Patricia Thomas Kirmayer, 12/11/2000 (Talbot House)
Eve Braun Klipstein, 6/1/1995 (Morrow House)
Sylvie Koval, 5/27/1992 (Dawes House)
Janet Breed Webber Langan, 6/15/2018 (Wilder House) obit
Linda Lee, 8/30/1975 (Comstock House )
Barbara Stone Levy, 1/1/1971 Scales (Emerson House)
Maris Bloom Logan, 11/23/2002 (Jordan House)
Nathalie Cassavant Lutfy, 2/27/2000 (Capen House)

Mary Lou Dragon Mackle (of New Bern, NC) 9/15/2017 (off campus) obit 
Nancy Razen Mandell, 12/27/2017 (Cutter House) obit
Barbara Cain Manske, 6/17/2017 (?? House)  obit
Sally Thompson Marchi, 9/2013 (?? House)
Ann McKernan Marshall, 3/25/2005 (Albright House)
Meanne Mashburn, 4/21/1994 (King House)
Dorothy Johnson Matteson, 7/24/2015 (Gillett House) obit
Betsy Peck McCarthy, 7/23/1968 (?? House) (Senior year: Yale)
Nancy Unger McCord, 8/16/1996 (Emerson House)
Mary McCullen, 4/1/1972 (Washburn House)
Susan Stephens McDaniel, 7/11/2000 (Sessions House)
Elizabeth McCorrison McKay, 4/15/2006 (Gillett House)
Carol Chmura Meyer, 12/2009 (Cutter House)
Mary Hehrlein Middleton, 3/25/1990 (Wilder House)
Jane Campbell Murray, 10/5/1987 (Park House)
Dr. Ng’endo Mwangi, 10/30/1989 (Tyler House) Wikipedia
Jane Symonds Nalwalk, 1/25/2017 (Franklin King House) obit
Judith Roberts Neale, 2/18/2015 (Albright House) obit
Dorothy Whitney Nelson, 8/2012 (?? House)
Carol Conklin Odlum, 2/24/1995 (Lamont House)
Thayer Clark Paine, 3/24/2015 (Parsons House) obit
Corinne Edwards Patoff, 10/27/2017 (Hopkins B) obit
Rhoda Manheim Pauley, 12/19/2007 (Dawes House)
Halina Poswiatowska, 10/11/1967 (Hubbard House)
Page Neville Pyle, 5/18/2007 (Park House)
Elaine Reed, 11/9/2016 (Ziskind House) about
Katherine Woodroofe Robinson, 4/18/2002 (Scales House)
Susan Robinson, 8/1/2010 (Gillett House)
Laura G. van Rooten, 3/2011 (Comstock House)
Nancy Goldman Rose, 1/21/2017 (Lamont House) obit

Marsha Jamison Sadorf, 6/5/2017 (Cushing House) obit
Beth Ann Jacobsen Salzman, 10/18/15 (Haven & Ziskind House) obit
Meryl Schwartz, 5/18/2005 (Wilder House)
Judith Johnson Schweikert, 12/9/2013 (Tenney House)
Sally Scully,  4/15/2011 (Wilson House)
Helene Blodgett Sherburne, 12/1/1992 (Gillett House)
Joan Eggnatz Simkowitz, 11/5/2001 (Ziskind House)
Virginia Fagg Singer, 6/3/2000 (Gillett House)
Lynda Spence, 2/26/2019 (Haven House)   obit
Jo Anna Flanagan Spruill, 7/18/2008 (Albright House)
Linda Smith Stewart 1/16/2010 (Gillett House)
Arlene Goodsitt Stone, 9/9/1998 (Gillett House)
Mary Theban, 2/16/2018 (Capen House) obit
Debora Wolfe Tuck 10/29/2012 (Chapin House)
Susan Walker, 1/22/1993 (Northrop House)
Lynn Ingersoll Walker, 4/22/2003 (Lamont House)
Vida Bull Weber, 2/7/1964 (Cutter House)
Susan Schneckloth Whereat,  1/31/2016 (Lamont House) obit
Katherine Isham White, 11/8/2006 (Capen House)
Judy Vantrease Wilson, 3/14/2003 (Northrop House)
Margaret Wilson Wright, 9/1/1995 (Tyler House)
Caroljoy Heimburg Yeh, 12/29/1994 (Comstock House)
B.J. Heyman Yudelson, 8/8/2015 (Lamont House) obit, her book & journal
Ann Newton Zeisler, 1/25/2007 (Cushing House)
Susan Zimmerman, 12/8/2004 (Wilder House)