Dec 2018. The following NY Times article is mostly about a SC61, Jordan house classmate, Phyllis Funke. It also briefly mentions another Jordan House classmate. It is at
https://www.nytimes.com/…/court-appointed-guardianship-like…. ‘I’m Petitioning … for the Return of My Life.’ Unfortunately, the article title and web address are a good summary!
Letters by Pres McCartney to the NY Times are posted on the SC61 FaceBook page. See below for a FB link and info.
Officers had an online meeting on 5-17-2018.  Photo. One topic was our 60th reunion in 2021!

Click Newsletters/Reports above (password protected) to see the Class of 1961 news that didn’t fit into the summer 2017 Quarterly. Photos of the 55th reunion (by Alice Smith) and obits were added recently. Dec 2017 NEWS: Alumni Relations asked me to share the info that I posted here.

Note: The password for protected info is the name (lower case) of the campus pond!

Dano Weisbord, Director of Sustainability, shared an updated web page for the Campus Center. Since our class was instrumental in helping to kick off this project with the “Greening of the Campus Center” initiative for the 50th Reunion, you may enjoy a look.

Our 55th Reunion in 2016 was great! The reunion report is on the
Newsletters/Reports page. Many thanks to all who made it happen.
The Reunion Panel: 1961 Classmates in the Workplace and Changes They Have Seen. Click here to view video.
Alice Smith’s many photos of our reunion are also
posted on Facebook, in a larger format. (See www.facebook.com/groups/smith61/photos/?filter=albums.)
Our Facebook page is at www.facebook.com/groups/smith61/.
An account is required. It is a closed group which means anyone can
find the group and see who’s in it but ONLY group members can see your
posts. It’s an easy way for us to share memories and thoughts. Email me
if you need help with Facebook: ics [at] starr [dot] net. OR see this handout and this for help.

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