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Northrop Housemates at mini reunions in the past.

“Dancing Ladies” above is an example of needlepoint using mixed media, with a paper mache parrot, loose beads, and satin ribbon flowers. By Elizabeth Robertson Mossbarger.

Alice’s reunion photos. Her full size photos are on our Facebook page at

1960 – 3 photos of Ivy Day (#2, Anne G.; #3, Joanie C & Sally H)
2011 – #4 Topsy, Chris, Anne at 50th
1 Ivy Day 1960 2 Anne G. 1960
3 Joanie C & Sally H 1960 4 Topsy, Chris, Anne at 50th - 2011
2016 – NYC Mini reunion
photo sent by Chris Huneke

Bill for one semester in 1959. In 2015/16 it is almost $32,000!
smith 1959 tuition bill-2