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60th reunion banner

Yes, ladies.  Plans for our 60th reunion are underway with Julie Conger and Carole Whitehill leading the way.  More to come about “Navigating Forward” as 2023 draws nearer.

Julie Mendlow Conger

Julie Conger






carole whitehill

Carole Whitehill


Looking for the “NEW BEGINNINGS” and the “LINKS YOU’LL LOVE” sections? They’ve moved to the Archives. You can check the accuracy of the links to your online information and “Links You’ll Love” personal sites you submitted after the 50th Reunion here

We’ve introduced a new page called “WHAT BRINGS ME JOY”. Learn about it here.

What happened to the 50th reunion? And the 55th?   Click here to view all the great photos and events from our previous Reunions now stored in the archives.  Sadly, many photos from both those Reunions were lost when Google+ was discontinued, so please send any photos you have of them to Carol Lightwood.

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