60th Reunion Photos

60th Reunion banner in pink

Hello and welcome! Our 60th Reunion was held on May 18 through May 21, 2023.  From these photos you can see that it was a joyous reunion!

If you have images of ’63 classmates and reunion activities that are not shown below please send your photos here. We would like to include all seventy-nine ’63ers who attended this Reunion.

(And if you didn’t attend we would love to have you submit a photo or two to the “What Brings Me Joy” page.)

Carole, Julie, and Mollie – the ones who did this!

Carole Julie Molly at Reunion

Mollie and Judy, our Co-Presidents

Mollie and Judy Co-Presidents

The class headquarters at Gillett was the site of great conversations, laughter, and fond (and sometimes hilarious) recollections of our years at Smith. Memorabilia from previous reunions were laid out on this table.

Gillett House headquarters

For this reunion all meals were held in the Gillet dining room and it turned out that many reunioneers met other classmates for the first time over tacos!

lunch at Reunion

Smiling faces at 60 Reunion

More smiles at 60 Reunion Smith College

Smi8th Class of 63 Reunion

More smiles at 60th Reunion

time for dinner at Gillett Smith College Reunion

Catching up with old friends and making new ones.

Old friends at 60th Reunion 2023 Smith College

old friends at reunion May 2023

1963 classmates 60th reunion Smith College

Class of 1963 Reunion May 2023

A pair of reunioneers at 60th Class reunion Smith College 2023

More Classmates at May 2023 Reunion Smith College

Old friends and classmates at 60th Reunion

Happy Smithies at 60th Reunion

Smith College Reunion May 2023

1963 classmates at Reunion May 2023

Seeing the sights around the campus

Visiting the Smith College greenhouse

6 reunioneers visiting the new Neilson Library

At thee 60th Reunion Northampton 

Visiting Hillyer ARt Gallery Smiith College May 2023

4 classmates at 60th Reunion Smith College May 2023

new library wing at Smith College at 60th reunion May 2023

new wing of Neilson Library May 2023

place to picnic on the top of the library at Smith College May 2023

Poetry center Smith College

Smith poetry center

After dinner Margo lead a singalong, played ukulele and later submitted a photo collage of the weekend.

Sing along at 60th Reunion

Singing old songs at Reunion

60th Reunion Smith College Class of 63

The Ivy Day Parade –no rain!

The Festival Band lead the parade of alumnae into the Quad.

Festival Band

Northampton band lead Ivy Day parade

First in the parade, the Class of 1963 created a sensation in green feather boas — the “must-have” for every 80-something-year-old.

Carole W. leading the Class of 63 in Ivy Day parade

Lini9ng up for Ivy Day parade May 2023

Ivy Day parade with green feather boas

Lining up for Ivy Day parade

Smith alum May 2023 Reunion   Class of 1963 Reunion

getting ready for the Ivy Day parade

Heading toward Paradise Pond Smith College Reunion May 2023

parade sign Ivy Day parade

Sign at Ivy Day parade

Ivy Day parade 60th Reunion

Class of 1963 at Ivy Day p[arade May 2023

Smith college alumnae Class of 63 May 2023

Ivy Day parade enthusiasm

Green feather boas for 60th reunion

Ivy day whites with green boas

White clothes and green feather boas May 2023

The Joy 60th Reunion Smith College May 2023

willow    Elaine and Willow

Caroline and Jet


Again, leading the way, the Class of ’63 enters the Quad.

60th Reunion entering the quad for graduation

entering the quad during 60th Reunion Smith College

Julie and Mollie May 2023


graduation Smith College May 2023

Graduation at Smith College

Julie at Commencement



three Smithies at Reunion May 2023

Below, Julie, Co-Chair of the 60th Reunion, and Abby, Chair of the 65th Reunion

Julie and Abigail

And…finally.  The photo below is of 4 of our classmates getting ready to leave for our 60th Reunion and now…safely back home.

If you have additional photos — especially of people not shown on this page — please send them to the Web Chair today!