Welcome Last Competent Class to our new Smith Class of 1977 website. Think of it as our Virtual Headquarters. This site provides ways to connect with classmates and with the College. Here, you can look up how to find a Smith friend, click to make a donation to the Smith Fund, learn about reunion plans, find ideas for virtual (or otherwise) care packages, explore class projects to volunteer for,  and look up virtual Class and College events to take in. There is also an “In Memoriam” page to help us remember classmates we have lost.

A note about privacy:                                                                                         

Much of the content in this site is public. Some, however, is private and intended for classmate use only. You will see a note if a particular page requires a password. A hint for the password is: a 9 letter word that describes what we all were in May of 1977 and what we still are; the first letter is capitalized.  If you need for help, email us via the contact us page.