Care Package Ideas

Care Package Ideas For Smithies, By Smithies

For times when an email doesn’t quite express the care or gratitude  you want to convey, or for those times when expressing care in person is logistically challenging, we thought you might enjoy thinking about other   options for providing virtual and/or tangible care to other Smithies.

Below are links to virtual care ideas, maker ideas, and small businesses owned or connected to Smith Alums.

Special Thanks to the Smith Class of 2006 for inspiration

Smith Coloring Pages:

DIY Ideas

  • Easy to Make Paper Lanterns      A great idea in preparation for Illumination Night. Don’t forget to take a photo of your illuminated lantern and upload it to the Smith Collection of Alumnae lanterns!

  • Hand Knit Hugs are a concept created by our classmate Mary (Nelly) Nelson.  When you want to express gratitude, caring, friendship but distance prevents an in person hug, try your hand at knitting a hug and sending it to a friend.  Promise, they will feel the embrace!  Mary shares with us directions for 4 versions of Hand Knit Hugs.  220310 Hand Knit Hugs Patterns

  • Handmade Eye Glass Case  (from Adele “Del” Pike)Quick and easy to sew.  I use 7″x7″ pre-cut cotton batting squares for the fill.  And then, I put a pair of festive pencils in them, or a wrapped biscotti, or a couple of watercolor paint brushes, and give them as a thank you or “thinking of you” gift.  (Click on the image for the YouTube instructions.)

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Smith Alum Connected Small Businesses

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