Class Officers 2013-2018

2013-2018 Class Officers (also known as the Class of 1993 Executive Committee) as of September 2017.

Jessica Lane-Quinquis

Vice President/Reunion Chair (s)
Dana Viernes
Dale LaFleur

Melanie Jones

Erin Gray

Web Chair/Digital Media Coordinator (s)
Aura Sujaritchan Novembre
Cheryl Hammond

Memorial Chair (s)
Madeleine Schulman
Catherine Ward

Fund Team Coordinator (s)
Jessica Brown Plumridge (acting)


  • Class officers are elected by slate for five-year terms. The Class Officer positions are President, Reunion Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Digital Media Coordinator, and Smith Fund Team Coordinator. Our Smith Fund Coordinator works with Fund Agents, Special Gifts Chair and Memorial Chair on the Smith Fund Team. These Class Officers form the Executive Committee, which has the power to act for the class between Reunions.
  • The Executive Committee of Class Officers is expected to communicate regularly and meet on an annual basis. The President is responsible for organizing these communications, which can be held at an agreed–upon location or via conference call.
  • All Class Officers are expected to make annual gifts to the Smith Fund.
  • Upon election, each officer should obtain all files and records from the previous officer, and upon completion of their term in office, transfer all files and records to their successor.

The Class President provides leadership to class officers and class members. She communicates annually with officers to ensure that they are meeting their responsibilities, ensures that the class maintains a website and/or presence on social media, and may appoint assistants for any and all projects.

Reunion Chair(s)
The Office of Alumnae Relations (OAR) recommends two Reunion Co‐Chairs. The Reunion chairs appoint classmates to committees, coordinate the work involved and work closely with the OAR staff.   Reunion Committee includes: Headquarters Chair(s), Alumnae Parade Chair(s), House Reps Chair, House Representatives, Meal Chair(s), Mini-Reunion Chair, Spouse/Partner Activity Chair, Program or Event Chair, Nametag Chair (Click here for more details)

The Secretary is responsible for submitting a Class Notes column four times a year for the “Alumnae Update” section of the Smith Alumnae Quarterly (SAQ). The class secretary is also responsible for maintaining class files and keeping an accurate record of class business. (Click here for more details)

The Treasurer is responsible for the fiscal management of the class treasury, including the collection of dues and maintenance of all financial records. The OAR has brought class treasuries in-house, with expenses authorized by the class treasurer or president and handled internally (whenever possible) at the college. (Click here for more details)

Digital Media Coordinator(s)
The Digital Media Coordinator (DMC) is responsible for creating and maintaining the class website.  The DMC will also manage the class presence on social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter.  They will share this social media-related information with the class Executive Committee, specifically the class Secretary (to inform class notes), and with the class President (to inform e-newsletters/print newsletters), thereby utilizing a variety of forms of communication in the engagement of the class. (Click here for more details)

Fund Team Coordinator(s)
The Fund Team Coordinator is a class officer. She serves as the leader for the fund team and the link between the Smith Fund staff liaison and team members. She will work collaboratively with class officers and fund team members on common goals. The Fund Team Coordinator appeals directly to class officers and fund team members to ask for support, helps strategize ways to increase participation and dollars, and helps coordinate class fund outreach and communication.