Class Officers

Jane Lofgren Pearsall

Vice Presidents & Reunion Chairs 2017
Sophie (Fifi) Walcott MacMahon
Clover Morrissett Weller

Dana Darwin Hummel

Janet Bowler Fitzgibbons

Fund Agents
Gail Richards Blunt
Sandy Ross Herman
Sue Zook Starr

Phyllis Bevier Gibson

Planned Giving
Stephie Pollack Miller

Valerie Greenman Castleman

Esther Coons Laventhol

Below, some ’57 leaders met in Florida in Feb. 2013


Memorial Gifts Chair Phyllis Bevier Gibson

The position of Memorial Gifts involves writing notes of condolence to the next-of-kin of deceased classmates and to write notes of thanks and appreciation to those who have donated money in memory of deceased classmates. A fulfilling task and I appreciate the opportunity to perform it.



Reunion Chairs Clover Morrissett Weller and Fifi Walcott MacMahon

At our recent class officers’ meeting in February we became excited at the prospect of our 60th Reunion in 2017. It seems like a long time away but we all know time flies and we can hardly wait to be together again. We’re counting on you to join us.

Clover and Fifi

Treasurer Janet Bowler Fitzgibbons

Class dues, although not mandatory, have been collected over the years to cover regular expenses of printing and mailing newsletters and other communications, attendance at class officers’ meetings and Reunion planning meetings. At the recent Class Officers Meeting in February a decision was made by vote to discontinue dues. Our Treasury is in very good shape, thanks to good management and to class officers, many of whom over the years have donated some or all of their expenses to the Treasury. We hope that you will take this decision into account as you consider your annual gift to the Smith Fund.

Below, past officers with President Carol Christ after the 2012 parade.