Class Directory

We prepared and mailed copies of our class directory (dated March 23, 2012) before Reunion those who requested them, and handed out final updated copies to those who attended Reunion. If you would like the pdf file (14pages) of the final May 16, 2012, version emailed to you, ask Valerie Castleman and let her know of any errors in it. If you decide to contact someone in the 2012 directory, it would be a good idea to check with the Smith online Alumnae Directory (see below) first to see if there has been any change since then.

Any changes you have since then should be entered into the alumnae records database at Smith.  Here is how to update your information at Smith:

You can email any changes in your personal information by emailing to

Or update it yourself at the website for the Alumnae Directory at (; click on Alumnae Directory to log in).

If you’re not a computer user, write to Patricia Kingston, Smith College Records Dept., 33 Elm St., Northampton MA 01063.

No More Class Dues

Class dues, although not mandatory, have been collected over the years to cover regular expenses of printing and mailing newsletters and other communications, attendance at class officers’ meetings and Reunion planning meetings. At the recent Class Officers Meeting in February a decision was made by vote to discontinue dues. Our Treasury is in very good shape, thanks to good management and to class officers, many of whom over the years have donated some or all of their expenses to the Treasury. We hope that you will take this decision into account as you consider your annual gift to the Smith Fund.